If you run a bed and breakfast, you are unlikely to need reminding of how time-draining it can be. In-between keeping the building clean, cooking fresh meals and keeping the guests comfortable, you could find frustratingly little time for your Bed and Breakfast Marketing as well.

However, much of your day-to-day work could count for surprisingly little if you aren’t doing your best to ensure that potential customers actually know about your B&B and its various merits.

Here are some Bed and Breakfast Marketing tools that can help you get the word out; they aren’t strictly tricky to use, either.

A Good Website for Bed and Breakfast Marketing

These days, it can go without saying that a business with high aspirations should have its own website. Still, your B&B’s current website may not have been crafted to the best promotional effect.

Fortunately, bytestart.co.uk has posted a run-down of steps you should take to help ensure that your website isn’t failing the business. You should, for example, keep in mind what message you generally seek to send out, select a suitable domain name and test the site on various web browsers.


You probably already routinely use Yelp whenever you are preparing for a trip away and want to see what and where the best-rated hotels and B&B are in your intended destination.

Hence, you can confidently expect your own B&B’s target customers to be in the same habit. Make sure that your organisation is listed on Yelp’s directory; it’s even possible for you to offer special deals that people can find through the Yelp app, as The B&B Team explains.


Word of mouth can prove a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal – and it can be wielded especially effectively if your B&B is listed in another business directory, that of Foursquare.

This too is a directory that can be perused through an app. Furthermore, that app’s users can see which accommodation their friends recommend. Should enough Foursquare users register their appreciation for your B&B with this app, your B&B could even be highlighted in a “best of” list.


This website has one of the brand names that, today, are especially strongly associated with travel or, at least, researching for a travel trip. However, you might not have realized that TripAdvisor offers many marketing tools for use by hotels and B&Bs.

Those Bed and Breakfast Marketing tools are included in the single package known as the TripAdvisor Management Centre. You can click the link to read more about those tools, all of which are free to use!


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