If you are among the over 70% of adults cited as overweight in a TODAY report, you might carry much of your surplus blubber on your midsection. This would be especially problematic, as belly fat hampers hormone production, ups inflammation and risks various adverse conditions. You would, for example, have an increased likelihood of picking up heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, not to mention particular cancers.

Fortunately, the following belly fat burning foods could help relieve you of that paunch.

Greek yoghurt

There is no single food capable of “spot training” belly fat, Good Housekeeping cautions. However, there remain particular foods that could more indirectly help you to diminish the belly fat burning foods.

Those foods include low-fat Greek yoghurt – which, due to its high protein content compared to traditional yoghurt, can preserve your satiated feelings for longer. Therefore, you would have less reason to start reaching for foods that could be more punishing on your belly.


Greek yoghurt also has the benefit of including probiotics – bacteria that is good for the digestive system and, suggests a study in Nutrition and Metabolism, could promote better weight.

However, probiotics can’t even get to work in your gut unless you also have a sufficient supply of prebiotics, as these fuel probiotics. Fortunately, artichokes are a good source of prebiotics, which can foster the build-up of good bacteria with the ability to somewhat interfere with fat storage.

Baked potatoes

We can vouch for the succulent taste of baked potatoes – and, if you would concur, you should be thrilled that these potatoes are packed with potassium which can be an especially potent belly-buster. This food also contains fiber that can help you delay hunger pangs for longer.

Baked potatoes

Nonetheless, resist serving yourself baked potatoes in the French-fry manner. Otherwise, the deeper-fryer could deprive you of nutrient content that would otherwise help banish that bloat.


Numerous vegetables of deep green, yellow or orange color might, when eaten in high amounts, help reduce levels of especially dangerous visceral fat, some studies have suggested.

broccoli is especially worth singling

However, broccoli is especially worth singling out due to its calcium content, which is rare among deep-colored vegetables. One large-scale observational study has even hinted that, for weight loss, calcium is more effective when consumed in food rather than supplements.


Artichokes are far from the only food worth considering for your supply of prebiotics. Inulin, a kind of soluble fiber found in onions, can also serve as a prebiotic – and, thus, improve your gut health.

that onions can be added to dishes

It’s certainly heartening that onions can be added to dishes in a range of straightforward ways. Onions can, for example, significantly improve the flavor of sandwiches, stews, soups, burgers, tacos and pizzas – and they wouldn’t even pile on calories, fat, sugar or sodium in the process.

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