Italy with its captivating landscapes, sizzling sunshine, and great food is indeed a haven for any holiday maker and especially for couples. After all, honeymooners and couple love those golden beaches, lush green mountains and superb cuisine that is just perfect for lovers. One is sure to fall for the endless charms of Italy. As a couple, one can enjoy the best places to visit in Italy such as private beaches and private moments relaxing by the sea. The adventurous couples can go for hikes up the volcanoes mountainous landscapes. Just look for rentals in Italy for an affordable and comfortable stay. You are sure to be well within rich of the top attractions in Italy, and you’ll find yourself on the holiday of your dreams!

Walk hand in hand on those cobbled streets and explore green hillsides. Enjoy romantic dinners at candlelit restaurants and find your love blossom once more. Read on to know about some of the best places to visit in Italy that are just handmade for romance.

Feel the romantic vibes of Venice

Venice with those shadowy canals and gondolas is just ideal for couples, looking forward to European romance. Calcic plenty of pictures, especially of the Bridge of Sighs. Apart from the gondola rides, there are many more reasons to vest the exquisite city with a sheer loveliness. Explore the secluded city full of secrets and lively neighborhood.

romantic vibes of Venice

There are plenty of wine bars, churches, and museums. Thus, the town has a great deal more to immerse oneself, and no couple would like to miss out on the magical Venice.

Explore the vertical panorama of colors in Positano

Positano, located on Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly, one of the most romantic and picturesque cities of Italy. What sets it apart from others is its beauty, people, and food. One feels instantly romantic when they see the natural beauty of the town. The locals are incredibly hospitable, and the food is simply delicious.

panorama of colors in Positano

There is a lot of the couples here as they walk amidst the vertiginous houses covered a cascade of sun-bleached peach terracotta. Those picturesque steep streets and steps are flanked by hotels, smart restaurants, and fashionable retailers. Browse the boutiques and enjoy that southern-Italian holiday feel which is indeed romantic.

Allow the stunning Amalfi Coast to invade your senses

No couple can resist a holiday in the stunning Amalfi Coast! You will fall in love with the pastel-colored houses lining the hillsides and contrasting with the glimmering Tyrrhenian seas.

stunning Amalfi Coast

Relax on the beautiful soft-sand beaches framed by lofty cliffs. One can rent out a place or stay in any of the upmarket resort towns. Enjoy magnificent views from private balconies of your room overlooking cafe-studded piazzas. Couples can explore the luscious greenery and enjoy looking at the unique Italian architecture.  They can head for Atrani beach and Amalfi Coast towns. They just cannot go wrong with the Amalfi Coast.

The uncrowded Umbria for a quiet holiday

Umbria lies between Rome and Tuscany and its relative tranquility, and peaceful quiet attracts a lot of honeymooners and couples. It is indeed like a beautiful garden in because of its green hills and vineyards. Visit Orvieto and Perugia, the region’s most popular medieval towns.


You and your lover can take a guided tour of Umbria and explore its cities, parks, and mountains. Walk hand in hands and whisper words of love amidst those breathtaking views. On your romantic journey to Umbria, visit Terni, the Lake of Piediluco, and make a trip to Castelluccio Plain. Get on the Piazza Grande  overlooking the countryside or experience breathtaking views of Gubbio.

Perfect romantic weekend getaway in Lucca

Lucca is wrapped up in a tiny castle town. Couples can plan a romantic weekend getaway or a great date in this beautiful town on the weened. They can rent a bike, pack a picnic basket and take along a bottle of wine.

Lucca is wrapped up in a tiny castle town

Get ready for the most romantic bike ride ever as you are about to enter one of the most romantic towns in Italy. You will remain spoiled for choice as you travel the beaten path picturesque places of Tuscany. Lucca especially makes for a very romantic setting. There is plenty to do and see here for the couples as they taste its essence and explore the more hidden, mysterious treasures of Lucca.

Relax among the colorful villages of the Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre enjoys an astonishingly serrated shoreline and forms a part of the Liguria region. As a couple, you are sure to fall in love with the place at first sight because of the breathtaking stretch of coastline. The brightly-colored Riomaggiore makes it a perfect town for lovers.

Cinque Terre

Enjoy an aromatic walk on the aside walking trail known as the Via dell’Amore.  Wherever you go, you find great ocean views and the restaurants offer great food. One can enjoy plenty of trekking, and boating during daytime and a decent nightlife at once the sun goes down.

Express yourself on the stylish streets of Milan

Couples are of all kinds. Some look for peace and tranquility while others like to be outdoors and are the adventures type.

stylish streets of Milan

There are still others who are very stylish and take a keen interest in fashion. For them, Milan is just the right spot. It has got the right mix of fashion, fun and sexy nightlife. This is your chance to get a glimpse of the world-class fashion scene and enjoy glamour and romance at the same time. Milan does not disappoint when it comes to architecture and food.

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