Taking care of your kids and your family is a beautiful way to spend some part of your life. However, you’ll do even more for them if you try your luck in business. If you’re thinking about enriching your life by (re) launching your career as a businesswoman, it’s important to come up with a strategy before you delve into the dire straits of business. The following steps should help you build your business in the shortest time possible.

1)  Searching for your old connections

Women who used to be successful in their field, but took a pause to commit themselves to their families should first search for their old connections.

Searching for your old connections

Needless to say, you should first visit your last employer’s website. It’s a good starting point for other online quests. Here you can go through the staff members and see if you know any of the people currently working for your ex-company. If that search yields some positive results, connect with your old colleagues via LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media.

By creating a network of fellow businesswomen, you’ll evoke some memories of old business achievements and form a firm ground for the future challenges.

2)  Joining new online communities

Growing the number of new contacts is equally important as resuscitating some connections from your distant past.

In order to become a recognizable business brand, you need to create a business page on Facebook or an Instagram business profile and connect via these networks. While making connections via your private profile might be successful, it’s smarter to keep your personal life hidden from the eye of the public.

Apart from social media, (re)activate your membership in the gild associations in your niche. Those businesswomen who once used to be members of such communities will find it easier to become active again. Also, even if you’re trying for the first time, don’t hesitate to join them. Although they might have some special conditions, be patient, do your job and they’ll eventually accept you. 

3)  Reaching Success with your First Projects as a Businesswoman

If you haven’t worked for a while, it might take some time to build a base of loyal customers. The aforementioned old and new connections, as well as new joining various niche associations, will be of great help.

First Projects as a BusinesswomanHowever, when your first projects start rolling in, you need to make sure that you don’t miss that opportunity. If you manage to finish the first few projects with flying colors, everything will be easier for your new business.

For starters, avoid setting too high hourly rates. Even if you’re the best programmer or accountant in the world, you’re still at the beginning of your individual career. Therefore, do some research on the current wages in your niche and go for some lower middle-class rates. Also, negotiate several milestones with every client, so that you can organize yourself in a productive way.

These features are extremely important for every family woman aiming at a businesswoman career because milestones will serve as great orientation points within a project. Consequently, you’ll be able to balance your personal errands and your business tasks in a less stressful way.

4)  Concentrating on Essential Tasks

As your projects (hopefully) start piling up, you’ll have to ask for help. An aspiring women entrepreneur with a family will need to find enough time not only for work but also for her children, as well.

Nevertheless, some businesswoman might find it hard to pack all their business and private things into one single day. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s important to cut to the chase – reduce the number of futile business tasks and concentrate on the essential ones.

In order to do that, you need to outsource some of the business duties you deal with daily. For instance, if you can’t perform all the communication with your clients by yourself, you should outsource a customer service team or form an in-house customer service. Also, if accounting gives you a headache, the smartest thing to do is to find an external accountant and let them sort out your financial reports.

The more operative tasks you delegate to others, the more time you’ll have to cope with some core business decisions. What’s more, you’ll also be able to spend more quality time with your family.

5)  Relying on your Family Forces

Some successful millennial businesswomen are worried about out-earning their partners. While this way of thinking might be a bit outdated, we’re still fighting for our rights, so let’s try to figure out what you can do to prevent it.

Relying on your Family ForcesFirst of all, always talk to your entire family, both before you decide to (re)start your career and during the process. It’s extremely important for you to get support from your children and your partner. Their approval will help you overcome some initial obstacles.

What’s more, offer your family members to take part in the business. For instance, the internal customer service can consist of your children, given they’re old enough to work.

Apart from that, you can upgrade your personal partner to your business partner.

All these steps could help you turn the effort of a single businesswoman into a valuable family enterprise.


Getting back into business after a long break is a demanding process. This is even more difficult if you’re a family woman. However, the contemporary labor market opens numerous opportunity and family women should seize them to create their independent business stories. Following the steps presented in this text will help you kick-start your venture and maybe even turn it into a productive businesswoman that will fulfill your private and business ambitions.

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