Your feline companion gets you, and you get them. So what happens when you have to pack up and head out for a trip? Your beloved kitty needs a caretaker who’s also devoted to your pet’s well-being. Where do you find such a person? And how does an animal lover find this kind of work?

It all starts with, a dynamic community for people who’re passionate about pets. The site brings together dedicated pet-sitters and owners to share expertise and find exactly what they need: work they enjoy, or a sitter they can trust.

Pet Care was initially developed for dog owners, but its ranks are teeming with cat lovers as well. The site requires background checks, and sitter applications are reviewed by a team of specialists before approval. Plus, the site offers 24/7 support to cat sitters, ensures the stay, and processes payments securely.

When you sign up, you can set up a profile as an owner, sitter, or both. Owners use the search tools to find local care providers for pet boarding, house sitting, and daytime pet needs. You’ll then browse profiles, contact a cat sitter, and set up a Meet & Greet prior to the initial stay. After the stay is completed, the sitter receives payment in full.

Become a Cat SittersRover’s specialists are meticulous in determining who can become a sitter on the site, so everyone you pull up in your search results has proven potential. The key is finding the right person for your four-legged friend. Consider what your pet needs and enjoys, and what factors have made separation easier or more challenging in the past. Is your pet anxious? Do they have specific medical needs? Do they need lots of playtime and activity?

Look for well-reviewed cat sitters who are available for the dates you have in mind. Compare what they have to offer with the parameters you’ve already determined. Need more details? Feel free to ask questions. You can also follow up on your curiosity when you first meet, at which point you can observe how the sitter gets along with your cat and determine whether you want to move forward.

As a Rover cat sitter, you’ll be on the receiving end of these requests. Respond promptly and professionally, and don’t make any commitments that you can’t follow through on. Keep your availability up to date, and follow through with each owner after a sit to increase your re-booking rate. Great communication will lead to great reviews, so listen closely and stay responsive throughout the process.

On your profile, you’ll let owners know about your relevant skills and experience, and any strong preferences you have. Stay positive: don’t say what traits you hate, or spend time defining what you won’t do. Be flexible and open, while remaining true to yourself. Emphasizing your strengths will go a long way.

After a while, you may find that you enjoy being on both sides of the equation. Owners often become cat sitters and vice versa. Either way, the site can help your dreams of kitty cuddles and stress-free travel come true.

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Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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