So you are expecting a new puppy in your home and lots of Dog stuff is required. I will discuss few of the important things you will need to buy.

Dog Stuff

Dog stuff & toys provide important and essential mental stimulation for your dog. They also help your puppy learn significant behaviors such as sharing and allowing you to take toys from them without them showing aggression. This is important for when your dog picks up something that he is not allowed or is dangerous to him as it will allow you to take it from him.

Dog stuff & toysDog stuff & Toys are also good for separation issues. If your dog is going to be left on their own then interactive toys can be left which encourage your dog to play with them to gain a reward. Dog stuff & toys  help to keep your dog occupied and therefore reduce unwanted separation behaviors.

Dog treats are great for training your puppy. Most dogs respond very well to treats and can, therefore, help your dog to learn desired behaviors quickly as they gain a reward for doing so.

feed puppies smaller

However, it is important to remember that feeding your dog lots of treats can lead to unwanted weight gain, therefore limit the number of treats you use daily for training and perhaps cut the treats into smaller pieces so more training can be conducted each day.

Natural dog food – Help Your Puppy Reach Optimum Health

Natural dog foodAs the health awareness progresses around the globe and people switch more and more towards healthy alternatives in their diet, they also tend to include their pets in this regime. This is a welcoming change because every living thing deserves to be treated in the best manner possible. Furthermore, pet owners spend a good amount of money when they purchase a highly pedigreed cat or dog, dog stuff or any other pet; this is because a pedigreed animal follows a quality breed and therefore cannot be taken as a stray dog or an alley cat.

In order to make sure that your pedigree dog stays fit and enjoys optimum health, taking care of his diet by providing natural dog food and quality dog stuff becomes imperative. The benefits of providing natural dog food go a long way. Not only do the chances of life longevity increase, the dog will also be able to produce good quality sperm cells (if it is a male) or high-quality eggs (in case it is a female pet dog.) other benefits that become visible when you feed your dog natural dog food are,

  • An Improved muscle tone that makes its body look more attractive and healthy
  • A lustrous coat over the body with decreased or no hair fall
  • Reduced skin allergies and skin problems that many dogs tend to suffer from
  • Enhanced energy levels which are definitely a positive sign for every dog
  • A healthy digestive cycle which means lesser poop or poor regularized into specific timings
  • Reduced body odor which earlier on made it obvious that there is a dog in the house
  • Healthier Gums
  • Decreased illness which could translate to lesser veterinary bills
  • Reduced risk of arthritis in dogs and
  • Reduced ear problems

With so many direct benefits of giving natural dog food to your pet, it is hard to ignore the importance of buying the most appropriately produced dog food. Some people have argued earlier on about giving raw and natural food to the dogs; however, it would then become the same as wild dogs living out on their own and which tends to aid only a normal lifespan. The best choice is then to buy the best quality commercially prepared dog food which is complete with the needed nutrition and is hygienically produced.

dog foodWhen purchasing dog food, you have to look for certain ingredients in the ingredient list on the back to make sure that it will meet the demands of your pet. If things are restricted in the local supermarkets because of the locality or size of the town, then you can even order in through the internet. In fact, many consumers prefer shopping online for dog stuff like natural dog food because they are more likely to find a good deal due to increased competition amongst online marketers.

Finally, what dog food you buy needs important consideration. You need to ensure that the food you feed is complete and therefore provides all of the nutrition your dog requires.

Remember that puppies will require a food designed for this life stage which caters for their higher energy requirement to prevent weight loss and aid their fast growth rate at this time.

When you are out shopping for dog food, look for the following A-grade ingredients.

  • A good quality protein source which can be any of the organically prepared meats
  • A good fat source which is coming from fish oil or chicken oil
  • A good dose of carbohydrate and fibre that are extracted from whole and gluten-free grains
  • A healthy supply of antioxidant vitamins and various minerals. 3

Therefore if you own a pet dog, then it becomes your direct responsibility to look after its health by providing natural dog food. Dog foods and dog stuff are easily available in all supermarkets so the ones closer to you must also keep them. However, you must ensure that you are purchasing natural dog food and not some other low-quality filling and buying high priced food does not necessarily ensure that it is natural dog food; always look for the ingredients.

Dog HealthAlso be sure to feed your puppy treats designed for this stage to ensure the size and textures of them are suitable for your puppy’s small jaw and their milk teeth.

It is better to feed puppies smaller but more frequent meals during the day as their stomachs are very small and can therefore only contain so much. This ensures that your puppy still receives the required amount of food daily.

Finally always follow the recommended feeding guideline to ensure your puppy is receiving the correct amount of food.

Good luck!

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