No doubt you’ve been through this before. Sorting, organizing, removing, redistributing, and binning. But, then, almost inevitably, comes The Returning. Which admittedly sounds like some terrible low budget horror movie tucked away in Netflix’ back catalog (or even some of their new stuff, to be fair).

But if you’ve suffered from the art of de-cluttered rooms soon becoming re-cluttered, then keep this simple guide handy and apply the following steps to each space. By doing so, you’ll hopefully stop The Returning from ever returning, and turning into a franchise you have no choice but to sit back and watch.

Home Decluttering
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Your room, your vision

Beyond the clutter, there most likely lurks a blank canvas that you once planned to turn into a study, workspace, or something far more functional. The very first thing to do then decides what you’re going to do with your ‘new’ room.

Best laid plans, ‘n’ all that, but with this vision firmly in your mind, you’ll know which items amongst the clutter to remove, and what to put to one side and repurpose when the process is complete.

Treat is a project, not a problem

Decluttering ‘guru’, Marie Kondo, has written an entire book on what she calls The Japanese Art of Decluttering. If you’re skeptical about decluttering as art, then welcome to the club, but the way Kondo breaks it down into small, easy-to-tackle sections, is worth paying attention to.

She advises that we start with sections. Tackle all the books/ornaments/clothes, et al, at once, before moving on to the next one. This avoids finding yourself flinging lots of different items into one bag or box, never to be seen again, and lets you, item by item, decide what’s worth keeping, and what can be let go. So, with your items categorized, and then the most appealing ones collected, you’ll also know which ones fit your vision, and which can be relocated, trashed, or dropped off at a local charity shop.

Do you need extra storage?

If you’ve got older kids, who are going to fly the nest sometime in the next few years (if all goes to plan, that is), you may simply need a few more places to store things before you get to use them how you really want to. (This is generally how garages become catastrophic clutter zones, as you may already know).

Another option though, which works out far cheaper than something like a full loft conversion, is Loft Ladder Installation from Instaloft, which gives you access to the attic without having to dramatically alter the home.

Perfection is just a word

There are many links made between messiness and poor mental health, but you’ll know more than anyone whether anything like that is lurking inside you. Ultimately, we’re all extremely busy people, whether we live alone, have kids, or a large family around us. Cleanliness and tidiness aren’t mandatory, just goals. And if you find that you simply have too much cool stuff to declutter your room to the extent you’d expected, that’s fine. It’s your home, and what feels homely to you is paramount.

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