The mobile massage therapy industry is booming.

Stiff bodies, injuries, failing health, and leisure are driving forces behind this career path. Opportunities are available for those interested in the industry; greater rewards come to those choosing to take their work solo.

How so?

Transforming a small masseuse business into a mobile massage operation.

The Massage Industry (in America): Quick Look

Estimated revenue for the massage industry (in America) tops $16bn with an estimated 7.1% annual growth through 2022. This growing industry sees more than 415k+ employment opportunities.

The trends in this industry are primarily medical with pain relief and injury recovery being a close second and third. Most individuals in the massage industry began their career path as a secondary job; one that has variable paths and income levels depending on massage therapy practices.

Massage Tools of the Mobile Trade

Taking the massage business out of the home, spa, or medical office, to the road is rather straightforward. If one can operate a motor vehicle and supply the appropriate equipment.

Massage Tools

Here are the basics of the mobile massage business:

1.  Detailed Business Plan. A business plan will help align goals and improve ones odds when seeking financial backing (business loans). It will identify local markets and customers. Create a business plan by using documents provided by companies like LegalZoom.

2.  Massage Table. The massage table is where most services are performed. A light-weight, collapsible massage table makes easy access when traveling.

3.  Supplies. The little things matter when adding ambiance. Items like essential oils, calming music, tapestries, and candles can turn a mobile massage setup into a quiet oasis. Find these products available through your local holistic stores or sites.

A safe, working vehicle is an obvious essential, too. Consider a van or smaller SUV to carry essential supplies. One may want to consider pop-ups to add privacy if setting up outside such as during a festival or local event. Likewise, invest in carts to compact and move the massage equipment with ease.


Promoting and Growing the Business

The initial set of customers are likely to form from word-of-mouth referrals from friends & family. It’s important to continually promote and market the business since these individuals aren’t always reliable or typically ask for reduced pricing because of their relationship.

Consider promotion at these locations:

  • Nursing homes
  • College campuses
  • Local events

Leverage the Internet to improve marketing and promotional tactics using a business website, professional social presence, and online advertising. List the business on Google Local and Yelp.

Also, entertain:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Referral incentives
  • Print advertising

The mobile massage business is limited due to the one-on-one service. One can expand their business by building a brand and bringing on employees. Employees could be part of the core team or set up as a franchise opportunity, leveraging the brand visibility and marketing efforts, to which the owner earns a kickback for each service rendered.

mobile massage business

Undoing the Knots of this Business Model

The opportunity found in the mobile massage business benefits from its safety net, too. A professional masseuse exploring this opportunity has a fallback in the unlikely event it fails to pan out. The masseuse could return to previous employment. Or, any number of welcoming locations.

The low overhead and high demand for professional massage therapists guarantee opportunity.

Taking the knowledge and expertise one step further – by going mobile – could become the logical progress one takes as a sole operator within this booming industry.

What is your take on turning a massage business into one that’s mobile?

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