With interior trends moving further and further into bold and colorful looks, you may be worried when it comes to choosing new neutral rugs for your home. Fear not, neutral colours are still as ever-popular as always and are ideal for adding a sophisticated and natural touch to your home. But how can you use neutral colours to your advantage when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your home? First, lets get down to basics. 

What are Neutral Colours?

Neutral colours are anything that has a fairly inoffensive tone such as whites, blacks, greys, creams, browns and beiges. They are often used to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity and for this reason they are the most used in Scandinavian and other nordic styles. One of the main advantages of neutral colours is that they are very easy to combine with other colours. Because of this, they are mostly used as an intermediary between other colours in the room to strike that visual balance. 

How can I use Neutral rugs?

When used in decoration, we often tend to think of neutral colours for walls and flooring whereas rug is often associated with much more vivid colours. So, why bother using a neutral rug? To overcome you scepticism, here are some benefits of using neutral rugs. Firstly, a neutral rug has practical benefits, for example, you can use a neutral rug in a lighter shade in a small space to create the illusion of more floor space.

How can I use a Neutral rug

Neutral rugs are also ideal for room that have existing brighter colours. The neutral tones from the rug can bring back that equilibrium to really sober up the overall atmosphere of the room. A classic combination would be to use different neutral colours with wooden furniture and some potted plants creating a natural look similar to Hygge or Scandinavian interiors.

What is Neutral Colour best for you?

Of course, the colour you choose is entirely dependent on your personal tastes and preferences. However, if you are trying to aim for a certain design, then some colours are better suited than others. For instance, creams are perfect for giving light to a living room without making too much of a statement. Similarly, beige, a gorgeously rich colour, makes a room look and feel warmer. Brown, however, gives you a charming rustic look. Using a brown rug is perfect for adding layers and textures to a room so this is something to consider if you feel your home needs a little more character. If you’re looking for elegance and sophistication, then there is no doubt you should go for a grey rug, it looks amazing when combined with wooden floors and is hugely trendy right now.

So, there you have it, a small guide that should help you to pick the neutral rugs that is made for your home!

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