As Australia’s second largest city and home to a vibrant, energised workforce, Melbourne is a fantastic choice for both startups and established businesses to secure office space. With a population of more than 4 million people, Melbourne offers a big enough market to build scale and yet is compact enough to make finding the best talent easier than in larger cities. Organisations looking for office space in Melbourne can choose from 4 prime locations within the city, all with easy access to the rest of Melbourne.

When you compare Melbourne with cities like Kuala Lumpur, London or Singapore, the city is relatively small. However, there is a passionate, engaged business community in the city where innovation and risk-taking are encouraged. As the creative hub of Australia, Melbourne is an exciting place to do business and being the country’s coffee capital, Melburnians are always ready for new ventures!

Continue reading to find out where the best locations are in Melbourne for businesses looking for office space in this thriving city.

Going Serviced in Melbourne 

Finding a conventional office space at a prestigious location in Melbourne is not cheap and you’ll end up signing a long-term contract with little flexibility. This can be a big hurdle to overcome, especially for younger businesses who haven’t yet established a foothold in the local market.

To save money, hassle and to get up and running as quickly as possible, you might want to consider a more flexible setup. Serviced offices come furnished, with all the technologies and utilities you will need, all included in one monthly fee. You don’t have to take the time to set up your office space as it is ready to go from the moment you and your staff arrive and there are no additional utility bills to worry about at the end of the month, making it easier for you to manage your outgoings.

Finding the Perfect Location

When it comes to choosing the perfect location in Melbourne for your business, there are some prime areas in the city worth considering.

Riverside Quay 

Located on the banks of the Yarra River in Southbank, Riverside Quay is a well-established location in Melbourne for business. With stunning views of the river and over the city, it’s no wonder this is a popular location for all kinds of businesses. Excellent transport links, great dining options for entertaining clients and a location right in the heart of the city make Riverside Quay a great choice for office space.

Collins Street 

As one of Melbourne’s most visited districts, Collins Street is well-known as one of the most iconic and prestigious areas of the city. Situated in the heart of the bustling CBD, this location is known for combining contemporary culture with classic style. Home to some of the world’s Top 500 Companies and many financial institutions, you know you’ll be in good company on Collins Street.

Williams Street

Home to the Supreme Court of Justice and the County Court, as well as having strong associations with local government, William’s Street is a highly-respected area of the city. Being located in such an iconic part of Melbourne gives your business immediate clout with clients and local partners. And with both Southern Cross and Flagstaff train stations nearby, clients will have no problems finding your business.

Choose the Right Space for Your Business in Melbourne 

Melbourne is an amazing city to live in and to do business. It’s home to a passionate and energetic business community who are always looking for the next opportunity. This culture of creativity and innovation will help to inspire you and your staff to reach your business goals.

Choosing the right office space in Melbourne will be crucial to your success. It’s important to take some time to consider where in the city you want to be located, your proximity to complementary businesses and where your clients are located. Williams Street, Collins Street and Riverside Quay are some of the most iconic locations in the city as they are well-established and situated in the heart of the Melbourne business world. Wherever you choose to locate your office, there’s no denying that Melbourne is a great choice and is an exciting and dynamic city for any business to call home.

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