Pet psychics have become increasingly prevalent in the past few decades.  With several popular TV shows, movies and websites showing their legitimacy and abilities. It would seem society at large has begun to accept them. Many pet owners are now seeking pet psychic to help with a wide variety of pet-related issues. Many pet owners are driven to a pet psychic by a single question: what can a pet psychic tell me about my animal?

What’s Pet Psychic history?

The world’s first documented pet psychic and communicator was St. Francis. He valued the welfare and treatment of animals as much as he did humans. He would often give soulful sermons to flocks of birds, was known to rescue captive turtledoves and wrote volumes of animal-centric poetry. A legendary story of St. Francis’ abilities comes from the 1200’s in the city of Gubbio. A wolf was feeding on the villagers’ livestock at night. As the legend goes, St. Francis entered the wolf’s forest and located him. Using his abilities, he mediated an agreement with the wolf that he would live in the village and the villagers would feed and care for him. In exchange, he would no longer attack their livestock. There were no words spoken – it was telepathic communication. At the end of their telepathic discussion, the wolf held up his paw and shook St. Francis’ hand.

What Pet Psychic history

There are many modern examples of pet psychics. According to Edge Magazine, in the 1960’s, Dr. John Lilly, an established pet psychic, opened a habitat in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Its purpose was to create meaningful communication between humans and dolphins. In this habitat, humans and dolphins ate, played and shared space together. His mission was to establish dolphins as an intelligent life force, not a creature to be slain.

Pet communicators and psychics have also inspired a number of Hollywood movies and TV shows. Doctor Dolittle, released in 1967, shared a fictional story about a veterinarian who could speak to animals in the same way humans can speak to each other. The 1998 film The Horse Whisperer also featured a protagonist with the ability to communicate and understand horses. The Dog Whisperer, an extremely popular TV show, featured Cesar Milan, who was able to communicate and train dogs—and their owners. He taught people how to properly interact with their dogs based on his years of experience as a professional dog trainer.

How Pet Psychic do it?

Each pet psychic uses a variety of methods to communicate with animals. Several of the more common methods pet psychics use are listed below:

  • Direct communication with the soul of the animal
  • Communication through the animal’s electromagnetic field
  • Telepathic, or mental, communication with the animal

Most pet psychics will use a variation of these three methods. Many pet psychics are able to provide psychic readings over the phone as well. According to Teresa Wagner, a leading pet psychic, everyone is capable of communicating with animals and can be taught how to do so. Other psychics disagree, saying that it is a gift some are born with, and others cannot be taught.

Are they completely accepted?

Society at large seems to have accepted certain forms of pet communicators. For example, Cesar Milan’s techniques and methods are based more on pet psychology rather than telepathic communication, so he is more commonly accepted. In the psychic community, pet psychics are readily accepted. Many psychics have enhanced their abilities to include pets in their offering of services.

The scientific community, however, has completed rejected pet psychics. A study at Bangor University in Wales found that those who were reported to be able to communicate with animals were accessing an area of the brain associated with imagination. When asked to recall a conversation had with humans, or actually converse with humans, a completely different area of the brain was used. Additionally, in 1988, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences released a report that stated, “There is no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years for the existence of parapsychological phenomena.”

Regardless of scientific renunciation, pet owners from all over the world seek out renowned pet psychics to help them resolve various issues with their pets. There are several issues and insights pet owners have reported from pet psychics.

When to use them and what can they tell me?

The Harm of Stabling a Horse

There are a wide variety of situations that can benefit from the use of a pet psychic. Each situation will tell you different things about your animal:

  • Correcting behavioral problems-Pet psychics can uncover past trauma and causes for bad behavior, and help animals correct it. They will usually provide actionable advice on how you can help.
  • Deepening your bond-By discovering what your animals are thinking and feeling you will become closer to them.
  • Talking to an animal after death-Many pet psychics specialize in talking to animals after they pass over. This can help bring closure.

There are many unique situations and insights pet psychics can help you achieve. You can visit your local brick and mortar psychic to find a psychic who suits the needs of you and your pet.

Pet psychic can help!

If you are having issues with your pet, a pet psychic will likely be able to lend a hand. Pet psychics offer several types of readings and insights to help you understand your pet, better interact with your pet and provide closure after your pet passes.


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