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Sofa tables are an excellent way to maximize usable space in small living rooms. The good thing about these tables is that they do so without taking up a lot of space themselves. If done well, a sofa table can serve an aesthetic purpose and a decorative one. These tables are available in a variety of sizes and materials. You can buy one easily within your budget, or even better, make one yourself. Here are some interesting ways in which you can decorate your living room with beautiful sofa tables. All of these ideas are inexpensive and allow you to exercise your creativity.

Use it as a dining or workspace:

A sofa table can serve a functional purpose by its use as a dining area or work area. If you have placed your sofa set in the centre of the room, a sofa table can be placed behind the sofa and be used as a workstation while you entertain your guests. By serving as a dining area, the sofa table enables the sitting room to be used for dining, especially when you have a large number of guests over. Since sofa tables come in different sizes, you can use one that can serve as a reasonable dining or work area.

Experiment with materials and textures:

Sofa tables can be made with a variety of materials, ranging from wood, steel and bamboo to less expensive materials like plastic. You can choose an appropriate material to go with the general theme of your living room furniture. In addition, you can also play around with textures by using different types of covering. You can opt for a granite top or smooth, polished hardwood finish. For a softer look, you can spread a knitted runner or laced cover over it. Let your imagination run free to create the look that you want.

Gorgeous Sofa Tables

Different widths and sizes:

Sofa tables come in different sizes and thickness, so you have several options for placing one to use available space efficiently. Wide sofa tables can be placed conveniently if your sofa is placed away from the way. However, if you have pushed your sofa against the wall, a slim sofa table can be easily adjusted in a few inches between the sofa and the wall. You can also buy shorter sofa tables that go on the side of the sofa instead of along the back. This serves as a useful space to accessorize and to rest a cup or plate.

Use as storage space:

You can use a sofa table to serve as an effective storage space. Simply arranging baskets or bins between the legs of the sofa table creates a neat space for storing magazines, decorative pieces, candles, extra lightbulbs,  and other things that may be needed in the living room. If there is sufficient space between the floor and the top of the sofa table, you can add a shelf in between to double the amount of storage space. Using the sofa table as a storage space makes it very easy to organize things without cluttering up the seating area.

Accessorize it!

Sofa tables are a great place to show off your taste in decorative pieces. Often, people worry about there not being enough space in the room to showcase souvenirs they’ve collected on their trips. Depending on the surface area of the table top, you can accessorize the sofa table with lamps, flower vases, books, candelabras, figurines, and any other things you can think off. A tastefully accessorized sofa table creates a beautiful backdrop to the seating area. A perfect spot to click photographs, the sofa table provides a lovely background to the composition.

Create more seating space:

It is common to have more company than you had planned for. If you choose not to accessorize the sofa table, you can use it as a casual seating area to accommodate more guests in the room. If you have a sufficiently wide sofa table, you can place bar stools or chairs under them that can be pulled out to seat 3 to 4 more people comfortably. This kind of arrangement also adds more diversity to the room allowing people to sit in small groups instead of being under everybody’s gaze.

Reuse different objects:

Sofa tables are not something on which you may necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars. An attractive sofa table can be created by using objects around the house creatively. A closet door lying unused in the garage can be converted into a sofa table by sawing off the excess area and giving it a good polish. Old chairs can serve as an effective rest for the top of the sofa table. Old crates and bins can be used as storage areas. These things add character to the area and also serve as conversation pieces.

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