From bogging and river crossings to backcountry roads and primitive trails, having a winch is essential to self-recovery. Mounting a truck winch to the frame instead of the bumper gives greater stability and the ability to use every ounce of power the SUV winch has to pull yourself out of almost any situation.

How to Install SUV Winch

When installing the SUV Winch on the frame or near your SUV’s axle, it should first be mounted to a steel frame with the four-point foot mounting system. Although it can be installed on almost any solid surface, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the axle assembly. The plane can be vertical or horizontal, but the motor, cable drum and gear housing must be appropriately aligned.

  • Install the control box mounting brackets. The hooks should face forward on the control box, toward the winch. Place the control box on its side during installation to ensure the bolts don’t get pushed up into the box.
  • Attach the brackets to the winch. Place the font hooks on the brackets around the front tie rod. Push the back down, over the tie-rods in the rear and secure.
  • Remove the four nuts on the bottom of the control box and install the motor mount brackets, then reinstall them. The bracket ends should point outward.
  • Line the control box with the holes on the right side of the winch motor and secure with the included hardware.
  • Ensure the roller fairlead is mounted, so the rope is guided evenly onto the drum.

Before installing the SUV winch, ensure the mounting system has been approved for use with the airbag system in the vehicle. Otherwise, the fitment may affect SRS airbag deployment. carries winches, tire and wheel packages and performance parts from top manufacturers. The wide selection, huge inventory and best price guarantee ensure you receive the parts you need at the best price.  Many orders over $75 ship for free and nationwide locations mean you receive your order fast.

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