An ITIN, the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is for those people who do not have any social security number but earn a considerable amount of money, which fulfils the criteria of a taxpayer.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

It is a tax return processing number issued by Inland Revenue Service to the citizens who don’t have social security number and also receive stipends, or scholarships from famous universities. Applying for an ITIN number is important because without a social security or an ITIN, a tax return cannot be processed.

How to Apply for ITIN?

In order to apply for an ITIN, you need to file IRS form w7. It is not complicated to fill in the form. There are few things that you should know before applying:

You should have a Bank Account Number:

First, open a bank account in the U.S. This account number will prove your identity and will let you have access to the financial services.

Bring Original Documents:

Make sure you bring original document such as birth certificates, Visa, Passport, Driving License etc. when applying for ITIN number. it is one of the basic prerequisite set by the IRS department or certified organizations which collects the documents on their behalf.

Non-residents Can Apply for an ITIN:

As non-residents can also get benefit from this financial service. As this applies on the individuals who fulfill the requirement of federal taxpayers, non-residents are also included in the eligibility criteria for the application.

The Dependents have Separate Forms:

In order to verify complete information of the applicant, there are separate forms available for taxpayers or their dependents such as their spouse, or children. At the time of application, a separate form of the dependents will be filled and submitted to the department.

ITIN for Non-residents Who Cannot Receive Social Security Number:

Non-resident who are intending to apply for a joint tax return with a U.S. resident spouse, but is ineligible to receive a social security number can apply to obtain taxpayer Identification number.

The Application Forms:

The application forms are available for a new identification number or for the renewal of the expired one.

You Can Contact the Certified Organizations:

Agents or organizations such as the CAA (Certified Acceptance Agent) are there to help proceed the application process efficiently. They have delegated the authority to collect and verify the original documents submitted by the applicants. As these agents work in collaboration with the IRS, it can be easier to contact and mail them your documents.

Write Dates in Proper Format:

When filling in the form, write your date of birth or other dates in the correct format approved by the IRS. As per the rules, you must write the month, day and then the year, for example, January 6th, 1970.

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