The year is almost over, which means you’re probably already looking ahead to see what adventures 2018 has in store. If you’ve got a vacation on the brain, there’s no better time than right now to begin vacation planning financially for next year’s trips.

Whether you want to backpack solo around the globe or take the whole family to Disneyland, proper vacation planning and saving will spare you unnecessary stress and make the entire vacation process — from initial plans to returning home — easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s How to get Financially ready for your 2018 Travels Vacation Planning

  1. Set aside a specific amount of “vacation money” each month depending on the size and scope of your trip, you might need anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to make your vacation dreams a reality. Start saving now by putting money aside each month to specifically go towards your vacation.Consider opening up a savings account specifically for your vacation, then transfer a set amount of money in each month. By the time you’re ready to pack your bags, you’ll have all the money you need for the vacation planning of your dreams.
  2. Strategically use credit card rewardsRedeeming points you’ve earned on a rewards credit card is a great way to save on trips. You can earn points on purchases you would have made anyway (like gas and groceries) by signing up for a rewards card.Remember to stay on top of your credit card payments to avoid accumulating bad debt; rewards cards should save you money, not cost you money in interest fees.
  3. Look for meaningful discountsDon’t pay full price for your vacation. Look around for travel deals on flights, hotels, or combinations of the two on sites like Get Away Today®. The more money you can save on big ticket items, the more money you’ll have to put toward food, activities, and other vacation expenses.
  4. Use apps to make vacation planning a breeze you can easily plan an entire vacation from your phone, thanks to powerful apps that make vacation planning, booking and saving money a total breeze. Flight deal apps like Skyscanner and Hopper will help you find the best deals on flights, no matter where you’re going. Packpoint takes the stress out of backing by providing handy checklists for any destination. Book accommodation through Airbnb to save even more money, and use a mobile banking app to keep track of your finances both before and during your trip.

Stay Protected While Travelling

Don’t let a lost wallet ruin your vacation. Sign up for a credit card with powerful consumer protections. You’ll be protected if your card is lost or stolen, even if someone uses your card to spend money. What’s more, you can use  Card Manager to temporarily disable your card straight from your phone if it gets lost, then painlessly enable it again if you find it.


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