Boating itself a leisure activity and a great pleasure of life. Every boat when starts journey gives you an uncompromising experience. If you really inspire from travelling on sea then take a deep breath and enjoy the latest yacht of S6 class. There are significant features in terms of performance and functionality that drive the S6 class of its own. No doubt! Its design and comfort touches your heart and develops a strong bonding with a deep blue sea.

The design and engineering of this S6 class Aerobat highly cooperative with an advance majestic line of yachts and it reflect Claydon Reeves effort with a purely systematic approach to utilise the use of space of yacht of S6 class according to its size.  British brand introduced the concept of the aero boat and latest S6 boat derived from SV12. Thanks to Rolls-Royce innovation who powered the super-luxe speedboat like a Roll-Royce aeroplane engine.

Aeroboat Yacht of S6 Class Significant Features

Estimated top speed Dimensions
Light load: 48 knots LOA: 19.83m LWL: 18.80m
Half load: 45 knots Draft: 1.15m
Full load: 43 knots Displacement lightship: 37t
  Displacement full load: 43t
  Beam: 4.99m

The naval architecture of s6 aerodynamic boat provide easy access to water’s edge, offers al fresco dining via a concealed table, cool outdoor living , sofa style helm station seating for the ease of their user’s comfort and you will find more to explore in it.

s6 aerodynamic boat


TEARDROP COCKPITTo enjoy the panoramic views of the sea the s6 class has a central seating area called Teardrop cockpit. Where you can stay and relax with ultra-indulgent style and features such as al fresco dining via a concealed table, height adjustable cosy couches,  hidden TV screens that are come out when you desperately want it . The design and structure make their guest keep busy by giving them information about the journey on the Header Rail Readout (a central information panel at the helm station).


SUPERSTRUCTURE TAILThe tail of Aeroboat is fully electronic operated. It is major specs of the yacht of the S6 class sits above the engine where cockpit narrow and has a wide passerelle with pop-up rails to make easier for guest to enter and leave the yacht.



The high-tech aero stairs in a yacht have the capability to form an extendable swim platform that acts a beach club ladder when it is lowered and when guest want to get on and off from yacht this platform raised and join with adjustable passerelle for safe and comfortable boarding and embarking system.


WINGTIP STAIRSThe distinguishing feature of the S6 aero boat is wing tip stairs. The aesthetic look of stairs is designed after the looks of Wings of Spitfire. Guests use these stairs for arrival and departure and it proceed access to swim platform


SHOULDER BLADEThe boat has a classical feature of the extended swim platform. The shoulder blade is used to connect the foredeck to the swim platform. It can be raised and lowered under the water to use as a beach ladder.

S6 Interior:-

The cabin under the deck has a various section to carefully planned for relaxation and enjoyment.

The Lounge:-

The Galley:-

GalleryThe Shower Room:-

For more information Download or read online the brochure


Driving the yacht of the S6 class will gives an amazing experience from start to finish. Hopefully this design of yacht put great impacts on the community.

This Hover craft moves 45 to 50 km per hour on water and it is 6.5 meters long and can handle steep slopes and embankments.

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