Early Pregnancy Signs: Symptoms

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Early Pregnancy Signs

Early pregnancy signs vary from individuals and many may have one or two of the symptoms and others may have many early pregnancy signs. These early signs cause one to know that she is pregnant. Normally, when one conceives, the fertilization commences and the fertilized egg takes some seven to ten days to fix the fertilized egg in the uterus.

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

As soon as the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus, the early pregnancy signs start. It is remarkable when pregnancy commences, the hormone level of the body changes itself and the pregnant woman reacts to these changes. The early pregnancy signs help the pregnant woman in taking care of the child even from the beginning. But it is unfortunate some of the women do not have any of the early signs of pregnancy leading to lack of prenatal care.

Many women are not feeling or realize any signs of pregnancy up to two to three months. Though they may have some very early signs, they are common to pregnancy and for other diseases also and hence they ignore these symptoms as for pregnancy. But there are some symptoms prominent and only they are related to pregnancy only.

Missed Period Early Pregnancy Signs

Missed period and late occurrence of the period is one of the important early pregnancy signs but some women do not have a regular menstrual period and such women miss the chance of thinking about their real pregnancy in the absence of the period. Some of them are irregular and even they do not know when she should have the menstrual cycle. In these cases also it is not possible to detect the early signs of pregnancy before missed period.  Some other may have the real pregnancy and the stage in which the implantation of fertilized egg causes bleeding and in these cases, they think it for a menstrual cycle and they fail to realize the real pregnancy.

Irregular Period

It is the rule that the missed menstrual cycle is an indication of really early pregnancy signs. But it is not true in many cases. Some women do not have their menstrual period regularly. Missing a period happens in the beginning stage of pregnancy. But missing a period may have several other reasons. Example, the menstrual cycle is missed by stress, gain in weight or loss of weight and in cases of using birth control hormone tablets. Hence, missing a period alone could not be taken as a confirmatory early pregnancy sign. A pregnancy test is advisable after one feels that she has missed a period. There are few cases of women who feel that they are pregnant even before the cessation of the period.

Spotting or bleeding caused by fertilized egg implantation to uterus

The process of fertilized egg implantation occurs when one conceives and this process occurs after 10 to 12 days of conception. In this process, the fertilized egg tries to attach itself to the uterus and it attaches itself to a blood vessel of the uterus by a phenomenon called burrowing. This phenomenon causes a blood spotting or an early pregnancy bleeding and it does not last long. (But a normal menstrual bleeding would have a light flow of blood in the start and slowly increased and stops again with light bleeding.) This may be an early pregnancy sign in some individuals and in some cases, it confuses the individual for a menstrual period. The attachment bleeding may have pain or cramp as in menstrual cycle and the blood oozing out may differ in color from pink to brown and it does not resemble the color of the regular menstrual period.

Sensitive, swollen and tender breast formation

The changes in the breast occur after the conception. These changes provide early pregnancy signs and these changes happen after two months of conception. These changes occur due to the hormonal changes and the breast become very tender, sensitive and swollen.

The pregnant woman may feel fullness, sensitive and heavier. These changes are able to notice easily by the pregnant woman. But these changes are felt by some women before they commence usual menstrual cycle. But watching the changes in nipple and areolas may confirm the pregnancy. Areolas are the skin around the nipple and the changes of color occur in this area of the skin and the skin becomes darker than the usual color in early pregnancy signs.

Food cravings, aversion, and nausea

Loss of appetite early pregnancy sign

In the first three months of pregnancy, some may have nausea and food cravings. But this factor is absent in some others. Or some may have nausea in one pregnancy and it may be absent in the next pregnancy. These arise because of the raised level of estrogen which causes the stomach to empty it. Some may have heightened sense of smell to particular smell and hence and they vomit if they inhale any strong smell like perfumes, cooking odor and cigarette smell and smoke. The nausea is otherwise called as morning sickness but this vomiting sickness is not only pertained to morning and it may occur at any time. And another factor is that some women have the cravings for certain foods and they may dislike some other food. But however, these two factors are not reliable early pregnancy signs as they may occur in other illness also.

Pressure on urinary bladder and frequent urination

When pregnancy occurs, the uterus begins to enlarge in size and the weight of the fetus increases and these factors exerts a pressure on the urinary bladder and it tries to restrict the capacity of storage of urine. This causes the women for frequent urination. Another factor is that the body fluid and blood volume increases in the pregnant women causing the kidney to process and excrete more fluid. But this frequent urination by exerting pressure does not only happen in pregnancy but also in urinary tract infection also.

Are Headaches a Sign of Early Pregnancy

Headache a moderate to severe headache is felt by some women due to hormonal changes and alteration in blood circulation.

Alteration in bowel habits

Is constipation a sign of early pregnancy?

Constipation is encountered in many women due to slow movement of food particles in the intestine and it is due to the elevated level of progesterone.

Changes in mood

Mood changes or swings are common in early signs of pregnancy and this is also due to the changes in the levels of hormones.


The abdominal bloating occurs in early signs of pregnancy and the usual dresses becomes tight to wear.

Lightheadedness and fatigue

Lightheadedness and fatigue are common in early pregnancy signs due to blood pressure drop in some cases and blood vessel dilation.

Early Pregnancy Signs Physician Advice

See for three or more of the above early signs of pregnancy and if you have the same, consult your physician, narrate about your new experiences of signs and decide to take a blood or urine pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. Avoid and stop alcohol and cigarette smoking start pregnancy exercises once when you confirm for a pregnancy and thereby save your growing baby both mentally and physically and definitely you would have a nice baby.