4 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Gynecologist

Written by Farah Ashfaq | Last modified on:

How to Choose a Gynecologist

Women have an important job of choosing a gynecologist who they trust and are comfortable with to take care of their reproductive area. It’s a potentially invasive and uncomfortable experience for many, especially when they haven’t chosen the right gynecologist.

It’s important to remember that you are never stuck with a certain doctor and can always change to a new one if you wish. However, before choosing a new gynecologist, you should consider some factors before handing over your medical records.

Below are four things you should check before deciding on your new doctor.

1. Stay in Your Network

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When it comes to finding a new doctor, it’s best to stay within the network of your health insurance. This won’t only save you a ton of money, but it will save you plenty of headaches as well.

Insurance companies are not fun to deal with, especially when it’s for reimbursement of medical bills. Staying with a doctor in your network will help you avoid these interactions.

Simply ask your insurance company for a list of gynecologists within your area that they cover and start your research from there.

2. Tour the Office

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Once you’ve found a doctor who you might want to go with, take a tour of their office to see how it operates. Is the office clean and welcoming? Are the staff members friendly and helpful with your questions? Do they use automated software for patient care like Amitech Solutions or are they still using paper documents?

You’ll also want to find out about their appointment hours and if they have an emergency line. How long will you have to wait for an appointment? Can you go before or after work?

All of these questions are important to consider when choosing a new gynecologist because they could interfere with your daily life and cause stress and impatience.

3. Read Reviews

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Nowadays, people review just about anything online, including gynecologists. You can read reviews of doctors and their offices online to see what other patients think about them.

Remember to take patient-written reviews with a grain of salt. People usually only write reviews in extreme cases, no matter if it was an extremely good experience or an extremely poor experience.

However, it’s a great chance to see how the doctor actually operates and if the office is organized and on top of everything.

4. Chat with the Actual Doctor

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Before making the ultimate decision on how to choose a new gynecologist, schedule an in-person consultation with them. This is an important meeting to see if you both get along and if you feel comfortable with the doctor.

This is your time to ask about their history and practices. Do they specialize in a certain field? Will they give you all of the information you need to make a decision, such as birth control options?

You must trust and get along with your gynecologist in order for it to be a healthy decision. It can be embarrassing to talk about some things with your gynecologist, so make sure you are comfortable sharing your concerns with them.