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Weight loss has become the common concern of people across the globe. Short and instant weight loss presumptions and myths are easily found and interestingly, often recommended by the nutritionists as well. People are happily tended to follow such myths without questioning its authenticity. If you are planning to lose weight, you must believe weight loss myths without realizing.

To make an informed and wise weight loss decision, read following myths and presumptions that you better stop believing in.

1- Go slow on losing weight:

Go slow on losing weight
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There is a general concept that slow weight loss is good to keep your weight under control. Whereas quick weight loss strategies are not good as well as it is difficult to keep your weight intact in the long run. Although it seems fine, but it is not much a well-researched concept and only based on presumptions of few dieticians. Hence, adopt the strategy according to your body mass, weight, lifestyle and health. Better consult an able nutritionist.

2- Snacking is crucial:

Snacking is crucial
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Okay! Snacks are notorious in weight loss process. They say that snacks are the main reason for weight gaining and hence should be avoided. ‘Snack’ means a food suitable for eating between meals or instead of a main meal. So this small meal has to be taken with cautions when you are going through weight loss procedure. If you take nutritious snack like protein, fibers, healthy fat, it is going to give a healthy advantage. So, this myth does not fairly satisfy us.

3- Stay away from Cholesterol:

Stay away from Cholesterol
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Self explanatory! As you hear cholesterol, you say a big NO! This is a general presumption that cholesterol MUST be removed from the diet plan. Though excessive cholesterol impedes the arteries and causes heart attack. But there exists good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.  Cholesterol is produced by liver and necessary to the extent that it helps in building cells and hormones. However, stay cautious by consuming too much of it, lest it should turn into bad cholesterol and clog your arteries. So, avoid cheese, cream butter etc and prefer vegetable oil, nuts, and seeds.

4- Breakfast is Essential!

Breakfast is Essential
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They say if you miss breakfast, you cannot keep it up to the weight loss. Interestingly, breakfast eaters usually weigh less than the skippers. This is probably because they maintain relatively healthy lifestyle. But this is a myth as study shows that having breakfast regularly or skipping it does not have significant effect on weight loss or gain. Moreover, it’s also just a presumption that small meals throughout the day reduce weight. It’s simply, eat when you are hungry.

5- Consume Low Fat Foods:

Consume Low Fat Foods
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Again, people tend to believe that low fat foods are helpful in losing weight. But this is not the fact. Products with the tag of “low fat/low calorie” still carry high calories or fat. Ice cream, cakes, biscuits etc contain high calorie ingredients like extra sugar, cream, thickeners, flavor, and texture enhancers. Before consuming, make sure you read the quantity of ingredients. According to a nutritionist, Alison Sullivan, It should not be 3g fat per 100mg. if low in fat; these products are high in sugar, so it does not make a difference.

6- Avoid Mid-night snacks:

Mostly dieticians would suggest not taking mid-night snacks. They are considered fattening. The presumption is that meals after a certain time of dinner are supposed to store in body as fat. Whereas, the fact is time does not matter. What matters is what you eat; healthy or fattening. Presumption  that bed time snack cause weight gain is based on the fattening diet taken every day. To prevent weight gain, it is recommended to avoid fattening snacks.

7- Take Supplements:

Take Supplements
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Very deceptive! Market is full with lots of weight loss supplements. When planning for weight loss, people become impatient to lose weight quickly. Having seen effects on peers, they fall prey of deception. Actually, that is a placebo effect. Psychologically, when consuming supplements, people become extra conscious about their diet, which may help in losing weight. Even if you chose the best weight loss supplement, it will help in reducing few pounds; if you go for some low quality supplements, you risk your entire being, so think about it!

8- Crash Dieting and Fasting:

This seems effective and causes weight loss, but for short term only. This method helps in losing weight as well as cause leaned muscles. This condition damages the body metabolism. Consequently, the body needs fewer calories for the time being. Such diet plans are featured with exercise for the same reason. Fasting is not recommended. It causes dizziness and weakness, hence not desirable.


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  1. myths indeed but do you know some are actually correct. but i believe the best weight loss that works includes exercising the body and eating healthy diets.

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