5 Worst Soda for You: Think Before You Drink

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Worst Soda

Every day, we all make options what we should eat and drink that influence our health. All type of foods is the combination of good and bad things. Over the years soda has become predominant refreshment in our lives. Hopeless, these drinks are utmost toxic. Despite the fact soda appeases thirst and smack right, this should not be a good enough logic to drink it. If we talk about worst soda for you then some are meager than others.

In the modern era of technology, all types of food manufacturing industries use the advertising methodology for their products to catch the attention of people.

What is a soda?

Soda is a carbonated water that is pack with non-natural sweeteners. Pop has developed into more popular in western countries and now a day’s dealing with fast food like fries, pizza, and burgers, etc. Sodas are noxious due to the amount of those ingredients which are used in these drinks.

General Components of Sodas:

Soda b comprises of water, sweeteners, acid and some flavors.
86% of soda consists of water. Most conventional ingredients are listed below,


(The carbonation process that occurs under pressure and chilled temperature helps to add the bubbles in soda)

Fructose corn syrup

(sugar added in soda is mostly sucrose that is made up of two simple sugars, fructose, and glucose)


(colors come from caramel mean burnt sugar)

Carbon Dioxide

(The bubbly appeal of soda is due to the carbon dioxide)

Natural Flavor

(natural flavors added in sodas by extracting from fruits, vegetables, nuts, leaves, and herbs, etc.)


(Caffeine is very old and most common ingredients which are obtained from cola leaf and cola nut)


(The preservatives like citric acid, the phosphoric acid which helps to prevent spoilage and also give a distinct tartness)

The Top Branded Beverages with their Components:

All refreshment brands apply common and unique elements according to boost up the flavor of their drink. There are some top soda brands along with their ingredients listed below;

Diet Coke:

Components of this coke are carbonated water, Color (caramel E150d), sweeteners (aspartame), Phosphoric acid, citric acid, flavoring (including caffeine)


Elements are carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium benzoate and potassium sorbet and natural flavor etc.


Constituents of this drink are carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate and sodium benzoate, etc.

Mountain Dew:

Ingredients are carbonated water, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavor.


Elements of this drink are carbonated water, sodium benzoate, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavor, caffeine, concentrated orange juice, yellow 5 and brominated vegetable oil.

Detrimental effects of sodas on health:

Soda is not only nutrition less but consists of maleficent chemicals.

These sodas are the foundation of many diseases like;


According to research published by “American Academy Of Family Physician “ consumption of these worst sodas with consistency perhaps contribute to a high risk of evolving diabetes. The sweeteners or caramel colors in sodas may decrease the sensitivity level of insulin. When insulin level in the body declines, blood glucose level may ascend, and diabetes can turn up. Soda does not leave feeling full the body likes plain water or low-fat milk. It means that drinking soda increase many calories in the daily diet, but does not impede the hunger.

Heart disease:

Since soda adds up abundance sugar and calories, that’s why it may grow the danger of cultivating metabolic syndrome. It raises the risk of heart attack or stroke. Another symptom of metabolic syndrome is when waist size is equal to or greater than 35 inches for females and 40 inches for males. It may analyze by fasting blood glucose level 100mg/dl or higher when blood pressure is 135/85 mmHg or higher. One more recognizing factor is cholesterol of the body which is called as high-density lipoproteins that are below 40mg/dl for men and 50mg/dl for women.

Tooth decay:

Sodas contain high sugar which is lead to tooth decay. Most sodas contain a considerable high amount of acid which are enough to damage teeth. Bacteria exist on sugar, which is ample in a can of soda. When bacteria approach soda in the mouth, they come in contact with sugar and create acid. These acids may soften the enamel and increase the hazard of tooth decay. According to the study published in “General Dentistry”, damaging of tooth structure with large consumption of soda is similar to the damage caused by heavy drugs. Teenagers and children whose enamel is not yet developed are vulnerable to tooth decay through these worst sodas.


We have engaged our lives for inflexible work. Because of such experience, we are governing ourselves almost nutrition less diet. Nutritionless soda comprises a high amount of sugar which adds calories to the regular food. Utilization of soda with consistency has been connected to increase body mass in both adults and children. Obesity puts in jeopardy for many chronic health problems.


Human bodies are not created for complex foods. Preserving foods can cause numerous health issues that most of us are not aware of. Sodas are great drinks when you sip sparkling water; you are absorbing slurry of controvertible chemicals that are crumbling with your weight, your health, your life. Don’t replace fresh water with these crappy chemicals. It’s better to educate yourself before raising your hand to any dietary products.
So if you consume these worst sodas abundantly, then you must cut of these worst sodas, because you would not want to end yourself in a hospital or become obese. These beverages are the silent killer. You must take up plain water, coconut water or fresh juices to quench your thrust. As we heard, that excess of everything is terrible. You consume soda, but consumption must be limited because it’s the question of your health.