Giving up on your dreams just because you aren’t good enough? Get inspired by today’s women entrepreneurs who are playing a role greater than ever. Women are not just starting businesses, they are staying in it! A recent study commissioned by American Express OPEN shows that in 2016, there were 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the USA, employing nearly 9 million people and generating over $1.6 trillion in revenues.

What is Women Entrepreneurship?

Generally, entrepreneurs promote economic growth by forming new firms in their communities. And when a woman or a group of women initiates, adopts or runs any enterprise, they are known as women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurship is based on women participation in commercial undertaking and directing production resources (human, financial and material) in order to exploit a business opportunity. Females have struggled over last several decades and transitioned from being bound by cultural norms to becoming leaders and pioneers of a successful entrepreneurial force. What was once considered a man’s domain is now dominated by women too! The gender pay gap, however, is still prominent, but women are already working hard to reduce entrepreneurial gaps.

Things That Every Woman Entrepreneur Should Develop

No doubt women are experts at keeping their families together. They successfully run a family and keep everything and everyone organized. But you shouldn’t get too overconfident with your success at home. Dealing with unknown employees is far different than dealing with known family members.

Major features and traits of successful women entrepreneurs

A successful businesswoman needs to be a team player rather than always being in the lead. The key to working well with people is being an inspirational figure for everyone around you. Major features and traits of successful women entrepreneurs are listed below to make you feel you have business superpowers!

Never Give Up:

Persistence is the best business attitude. Refuse to quit when things get tough. Being persistent helps you struggle and explore new solutions and ideas that can set a good example of you in front of others. Persistence shouldn’t become stubbornness. Make different goals in life, Strive only when you see there is some possibility to recover. If you don’t see any outcome, don’t be afraid to accept change.

Create a Strong Network:

Networking is the best way to promote your business rapidly. Increase your social network by joining professional online groups, developing press releases, participating in forums and other business chat rooms.

Create a Strong Network

Suppress Your Emotional Side:

You will never get the most out of your business or employees if you take everything to the heart. Your emotional side will make it harder for you to accept ideas and change. Stay firm in your opinions and have the courage to accept criticism.

Empower and Support Women Entrepreneurs:

The factor of jealousy is more common in women than men. It is advised to put your biases aside and become a single female force. Empowering other women will give you their support in return, resulting in your prosperity.

Empower and Support Other Women
Encourage Suggestions and Take Expert Advices:

Encourage Suggestions and Take Expert Advice’s:

If you’re a beginner, you should be open to suggestions from others. Find mentors or search for grants for women entrepreneurs that can help you identify issues in your fledgling company. But always follow your gut instinct. Others may be helpful, but they might not have the same vision as you do.

How Do People React?

How Do People React?

Women are generally perceived as homemakers with very little to do with economy or commerce. For a woman, transition from homemaker to sophisticated business lady is not an easy task. Seeing women coming out in such a strong role can be shocking for some members in a so-called male dominated society. It’s hard for women to progress in the business world with some people writing them off as angry feminists or weaklings. Let me teach you ways to be taken seriously in businesses.

  • Stop using statements with the word ‘just’ like ‘I just had this idea’ or ‘I just started working on this project’. This word gives an impression of being amateur in the industry and makes you look afraid of being bold and stern with your work.
  • Don’t make statements that depict your confusion and uncertainty about something. Statements that end in high tones seem more like questions asked and make others feel that you’re not confident.
  • Stop being too apologetic. It’s nice to be sorry, but being overly nice takes you down a notch from whoever you’re talking to. This doesn’t mean you have to be rude. Find a gentle way to state yourself instead of using ‘sorry’ again and again.
  • Don’t over-explain your ideas. There may be no need of over-explaining a point unless someone asks or you may come off as an unconfident person.

But it doesn’t end there.

Have the courage to say no. Women have a natural tendency to become people pleasers so they say agree to every request or favor. This gesture can be used against you, so try denying gently.

Future Impact of Women Entrepreneurs

Future Impact of Women Entrepreneurs
A recent research Breaking Through found that technology advances and reduced barriers to entry are allowing women to grow new businesses. Flooding into every industry; healthcare, fashion, information and business enterprise, women are making significant strides as future leaders and entrepreneurs. The study reveals that women entrepreneurs are on the roll in the USA’s 25 largest cities. During the past five years, women-owned businesses have increased by 43%. The study was also followed by interviews from 100 women entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, business consultants and heads of non-profit organizations in NYC. To its conclusion, many industries and organizations are recommended to enable more women to start businesses, which are sure to add momentum and vitality to city’s economy in the near future.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Can Do More With Less?

Why Women Entrepreneurs Can Do More With Less?
Undoubtedly, women entrepreneurs struggle with funding for their startup businesses, more than men. Last year, Bloomberg highlighted a survey that tracked worldwide entrepreneurial activity. The US women reported that they required half as much as their male counterparts to launch a new business setup. This ‘Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’ survey discovered that most women turned to family and friends for funds rather than venture capitalists.

According to the reports, women tend to start a business in their later lives (ages 35-44), whereas men typically started at ages 22-34. Going slow and steady helped them collect more funds in a long span, so they didn’t require a large amount all at once. Another reason for the ability of women to do more with less was the call for necessity. Even with a scarce funding aid, women continue to make statements with their companies and break through the glass ceiling.

Why Most Women Entrepreneurs Fail in Business?

Why Most Women Entrepreneurs Fail in Business?
The entrepreneurial process is same for both man and woman, however, problems faced by women are different in terms of magnitude and dimensions, which prevent them from realizing their full potential as entrepreneurs. Although women are on the surge of becoming successful entrepreneurs, there are some de-motivational forces that threaten to derail them.

A recent study by European Commission throws light on the fact that even though there are more women than men in Europe, female entrepreneurs only represent a third of self-employed group.

Let’s focus

on these challenges and ways to reduce such hurdles as below.

Defying Social Expectations:

Women are house caretakers in the eye of social norms. A man cannot stand being in competition with a woman who was once considered weak and dependent. The stereotypical male attitude can impede a woman’s success. Women should not be put down by such criticism and believe in their strengths.

Limited Provision of Finance:

The access of finance is limited to women yet they still manage to make the most out of it. This is only a problem at the start of a new business. You can later gain the trust of finance providers and banks with your achievements to resolve this issue.

Balance of Family and Career:

A woman is a pillar that holds the family together. But handling this responsibility gets tougher if she is career-driven. For such females, a balance between personal and professional life is crucial. Plan out your routine tasks and organize everything to maintain harmony.

Lack of Training:

Lack of training and experience is also one of the reasons women entrepreneurs fail in their first few businesses. Being familiar with strategies and a knowledge of past experiences help create a stable business.

Creative Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

In today’s world, we all want to make money; lots of money. And what better way to do that than by starting a small business of your own! You never know, it might as well become “big” with the passage of time! Below are few business ideas for women entrepreneurs’ startup.

Small Business Ideas for Women

We all are born with a unique talent in us. There is a certain inherent creativity in us which we should strive to use in the best possible manner. Never let your ideas get lost- do your every bit possible to get that idea recognized to as many people as you can.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of activities that you can pursue full time or part-time business. You need to do a lot of homework if you are confused as to how you can build a business and what type of business you can begin.

Allow yourself sufficient amount of time to think about the various things that interest you, and then discuss it with your family and friends and see what they tell you. Also, you need to consider various other factors like investment, potential customer base, additional staff required, etc. to make sure your idea for small business does not turn out to be a failure.

Now let us see what the various options that are fast emerging as popular and creative business ideas for women entrepreneurs are:


Often women entrepreneurs want to work independently and without anyone bossing over them. Women who have a flair for writing, journalism, filmmaking, proofreading, event management, web designing, tour guiding, starting a personal blog and consulting, can try this creative business idea for women to enhance their skills. It requires constant updating of one’s knowledge and creativity to survive in the era of cut-throat competition.

Freelancing gives women’s the scope to work with many advertising agencies, public relations firms, marketing firms, cable providers and newspaper and books publishing houses, rather than remain employed with a single firm for a long time.
The payment terms of freelance copywriters are also different as they work on a contract basis. They can also their work timings to suit their own needs. Also, the Internet has widened the scope for freelancers as they can work from home or any other place and yet remain connected to their business partners, with whom they develop a professional relationship.

However, the major drawback lies in the fact that there is an uncertainty of income and freelancers do not enjoy company benefits like pension and bonuses.

Gift Basket Business-

This type of creative business ideas for women entrepreneurs is best suited for those women’s who love to create “the perfect gifts” to make others smile. It is a very innovative business as it makes the owner think of new ways to put together cute and lovable gifts in a smart manner and experience a sense of pride when it makes their clients happy.

This business demands that the women entrepreneurs develop excellent networks and sales skills. You can sell part of your products to other businesses and the remaining to end customers. Earnings can reach great heights in the peak season as during festivals, marriages, and other occasions. Bulk purchase of small gifts and food items can earn the proprietor more trade discounts.

Home Based Jeweler Business-

This creative business has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only jeweler is that of diamonds, pearls, gold and other precious stones. Bracelets, neck pieces, armlets, earrings, rings, etc. can be made from any material like colorful stones, shells, paper, and so on. In fact, greater your creativity is, the more your business can flourish. There are various institutes nowadays that provide certificate courses in jeweler making or in “costume jeweler making”. You can also imbibe training and eCommerce Marketing Strategy from a variety of sites on the Internet.

You can also enjoy the benefit of huge discounts on purchase of materials in bulk. Also, there is very little scope for generation of harmful wastes in the process of making the jeweler. You can make your clients happy by customizing the items according to their own needs. Not only this, it is best for housewives and young girls who want to spend their leisure time in a productive way.

Health and Beauty Products Business-

After getting trained from a proper institute, you can engage in making health care and beauty products on your own. Herbal and natural ingredients are used to make creams, massage oils, moisturizers, etc.

This business idea for women requires you to have wide networks to market your products and also expert knowledge in all natural ingredients as different people have different skin sensitiveness. One complaint from a client can damage your reputation and people may be reluctant to buy your products further. You also need to price your products reasonably as big players in the market may lure away the customers by offering lower prices.

The above listed creative business ideas for women can be effectively employed by anyone who is willing to make a mark for himself in the business world. Inborn talent, innovation, and creating strategic planning can help you set up a small business and earn satisfactory profits out of them.

Famous Women Entrepreneurs List

Successful Women Entrepreneurs List

1. Chitra Ramkrishna (MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange).

Chitra Ramkrishna

MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange

She believes women are unique and stronger in many ways. Where many corporates are gender agnostic, NSE hires people on the basis of merit.

Cher Wang

Cher Wang

Co-Founder and Chairperson of HTC Corporation

The Taiwanese entrepreneur marks success among top mobile innovation companies.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

American media proprietor and philanthropist

She took the world by storm despite of her troubled past.

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely

Founder of SPANX

She invested her entire life savings to launch a designer range, which proves a great example for struggling women entrepreneurs.

Debbie Fields

Debbie Fields

Founder of Mrs. Fields Bakeries

A culinary wizard who reached the heights of success with her cooking and baking skills teaches us that anything is possible!

Women entrepreneurs are redefining power by establishing their own businesses against all odds. But due to culture restrains, social norms and custom restrictions in some parts of the world, they are still lagging in numbers. There is a growing need  for women entrepreneurs to compete against world’s economy, reduce poverty and reinvest in local economy.

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