When it comes to measuring a successful business, size isn’t always the most important factor. To demonstrate this point, imagine a scenario in which two companies have roughly the same number of customers. Company A’s customers are loyal, write positive reviews about their experiences, and can’t wait to tell their friends about Company A. Company B’s customers –– on the other hand –– are not particularly loyal, they don’t engage with Company B’s social media, and they don’t care if Company B is successful or not. Which company do you think is going to do better in the long run?

Though this is an extreme example, the reality is that companies must focus on generating excitement among their core customer base if they want to grow their organization. Thankfully, today we’ll review a few effective ways companies can do just that:

Reward Loyalty

No company, big or small, can afford to take their best customers for granted. These are the people you need to have on your side if you’re going to generate positive organic buzz online or otherwise. As such, make it a point to introduce loyalty programs that reward people for shopping with you. A small gesture of your appreciation can go a long way toward winning a customer over for life!

Embrace Transparency

Trust is an essential aspect of the business-consumer relationship. Now more than ever, consumers want a look behind the curtain to see how a company handles its internal processes.

Progressive companies embrace transparency as a part of their overall message and create content that shows how they operate. Furthermore, forward-thinking executives should consider making themselves available to their customer base through interviews, events, or forums. When a high-ranking company member speaks, people listen.

Go Beyond the Norm

If you really want to earn some brand love and recognition for your company, you’re going to have to think outside of the box eventually. Indeed, people are so accustomed to the same types of marketing campaigns that companies have to get creative if they want to get noticed. Remember, taking a marketing or advertising risk can pay off big time if you get it right.

Create a Community

The best businesses enjoy excellent brand loyalty not necessarily because of product superiority, but because they’re able to bring people together. Indeed, it’s important to think of your customer base as its own community with its own set of interests, beliefs, and ideals.

So don’t be afraid to create and promote content that is tangentially related to your brand. For instance, partnering with a charity that matters to a great deal of your supporters is a magnanimous act that will also win you massive PR points at the same time. Keep these things in mind when moving forward –– you’ll be glad you  did!

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