6 Fitness Tips to Incorporate Workout in Your Everyday Life

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SORE Today. STRONG Tomorrow.

You just got off the phone with Black Tie Moving and regret telling your friends you would go to the gym with them. We get it!

There are some days when exercising is the last thing we want to do. Therefore, we are offering six simple ways to make fitness a lifestyle!

Look at Your Schedule

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If you’re constantly stressed about making time for the gym with everything else in your life, it might be time to evaluate your schedule. Yes, there may be ways you can “fit” exercise into your life, but this may not even be necessary.

Looking at your availability will help make working out a part of your lifestyle. After all, you don’t want to start something that would be hard to accomplish. 

Set yourself up for success. Factoring in the amount of time you have to work out will help you create a schedule that is realistic and can be maintained in the long run.

You can get an effective workout done in as little as 20 minutes. It’s essential to prioritize quality over quantity when making exercise an integral part of your life.

If 20 minutes are the most realistic for you, find online or group HIIT sessions that can be done in your available time. 

Consider What You Enjoy

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Fitness should become a part of your identity, your lifestyle. 

If you’re working out only to lose weight, you probably won’t stay motivated after your weight is lost. What happens then? Well, we’re sure you can guess it.

To make exercise part of your lifestyle, you need to move your body in ways you enjoy. If you can’t stand running, then don’t aim for hitting the treadmill three times a week. Instead, factor in what you like doing.

If you enjoy arts, consider trying out yoga. If you like a little competition, think about joining a CrossFit gym. Maybe being outside is something you love to do. You can add daily nature walks as part of your fitness routine. 

So spend some time analyzing all the options available and make the best decision for your health!

You Aren’t Ever Stuck

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Every day looks different for all of us. We can’t predict how we will feel tomorrow or the next day. Therefore, remember that you are never tethered to one thing. It’s okay to miss a workout here and there.

It’s completely normal to have an ebb and flow to your workout routine. You’re not aiming to be a bodybuilder; you’re just trying to find your fitness lifestyle. 

This means no need to put pressure on yourself to do one certain workout on a specific day. Be open to change.

As long as you are moving your body, you’re winning. If you usually go to the gym on Tuesdays, but you wake up that morning feeling some anxiety – maybe you’ll opt for a nature walk. 

This is perfectly acceptable, and this is what makes it a lifestyle, not a contract.

Be Consistent

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People benefit from intense dietary and training challenges; however, the frequency of people who adhere to their plans is tiny.

These are usually short-term plans, accompanied by rigorous success and failure rules. When you establish extreme objectives for yourself, you are more likely to feel dejected if you “fail.”

Therefore, it’s not beneficial for your physical or emotional health.

On the other hand, you’re more inclined to stick with it and enjoy the ride when the stakes aren’t as high.

You don’t need to pressurize yourself to be flawless. If you eat something “wrong” or skip a workout, you can get back on track the next day since it’s part of your lifestyle.

This technique is far more realistic and leads to more long-term consistency.

Consult a Doctor or Your Personal Trainer

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When adding or modifying your physical activity, it’s always a good idea to consult your trainer.

This is critical for everyone suffering from a chronic health issue.

Even people who do not have chronic diseases might benefit from the advice of a personal trainer who is well-versed in your medical history.


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When you take one step at a time, it is simpler to incorporate exercise and lifestyle improvements.

There’s no shame in starting small as long as you move closer to your goals. People frequently get into the trap of being excessively ambitious with their habits, especially in the beginning.

It is preferable to be a master of a few habits rather than have a jack of various things with no expertise.

For instance, if you’re new to working out, establish an easy goal you can accomplish, like a workout for 20 minutes three days a week.

Consider simple but doable habits in diet, such as eating one green vegetable or drinking one liter of water by 4 PM daily.

Last Words

Getting in shape is the outcome of doing the right actions for a long time.

Fitness does not develop overnight; thus, creating a habit of activities that increase fitness must be prioritized.

Concentrate on one change at a time and make it as pleasurable as possible. You’ve got this!