5 Ways to How to Feel Confident about Your Style

Written by Farah Ashfaq | Last modified on:

Feel Confident

Approaching the day with confidence isn’t as easy as it sounds. While dressing in clothes that you like will help, real confidence isn’t all about the brands that you wear; it’s about the look you give off. Real confidence will come once you’ve accepted who you are, how you look and work with them by using what you wear.  In that case, here are our top five tips how to feel confident to help you achieve that look.

1) Know your body shape

Not everyone has the same proportions so understanding your body shape is the first step to knowing what clothes work well for you.

Dressing in a way that flatters your unique shape will make you feel more comfortable in the clothes you choose, and encourage you how to embrace your best features. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an apple shape, pear shape, or have an hourglass figure, taking some time to learn what does and doesn’t suit you will make all the difference.

2) Engage with your personal style

A sure-fire way to up your confidence is to dress to your own tastes. In your day to day dressing, make sure that you’re adding some personalization to your outfits.

This way, your outfit will feel like you, even if you’re trying out a new style. Although we might like to think otherwise, appearances do count, and your outfit tends to be the first thing someone notices about you. In that case, you want to feel good about the way you’re presenting yourself to the world.

3) If you feel unsure…reconsider

When it comes to confidence, one of the best tips we’ve ever received is that if you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, don’t walk out the door in it. The likelihood is, if you don’t feel comfortable in it at home, you’re going to feel confident in public.

Invest in a floor length mirror so that you can see how you look from all angles, or for a second opinion take a photo and send it to your most honest BFF. Spend a few more minutes each morning trying out a few different outfits so that you can be 100% sure of your final choice.

4) Play to your strengths

Much like dressing to your body shape, knowing how to play to your strengths is important to achieve a certain level of confidence. Those with a curvier figure might feel more comfortable in a dress rather than a jumpsuit. If you’re tall, vertical stripes will emphasise your height.

Look at the length of your torso compared to your legs, how wide your shoulders are, and consider what colours work best for your skin tone. Taking all these into account will mean you’ll have an outfit that’s well-coordinated no matter the season.

5) Consider the occasion

Are you attending a wedding? A birthday party? Or are you just looking for an outfit to make an impression on a date? Size up the event and consider what will work best.

You won’t feel confident if you’re too overdressed or underdressed for an occasion, so try to make sure you choose something that’s conventional and appropriate.