8 Simple Feature-Enhancing Makeup Ideas This Winter

Written by admin | Published on November 28, 2022

Makeup Ideas

As the season changes and the air gets colder, many people change their everyday beauty routine accordingly but need makeup ideas!

Are you taking extra care to protect your dry skin from the harsh winter air or just transitioning from summer pastels to more seasonally appropriate dark colors?

Here are a few ways to make transforming your beauty makeup routine as easy as changing an outdoor living space with the help of Classic Home Concepts.

Trendy Makeup Ideas for a Sophisticated Look

Consult a Makeup Artist

artist doing makeup

​​A consultation with a makeup professional is well worth the money. An artist will work with you one-on-one.

They’ll break it down for you: what you’re doing right and wrong, your eye shape and skin tone, and how to work with them to get the desired look.

Use a Moisturizing Primer 

woman applying primer

It is more important to ensure that you effectively keep your skin hydrated in the winter. A significant part of this is applying a thick moisturizer at least once daily. 

Priming your skin is also important before applying makeup to give your products staying powder and to keep your face looking great all day long. 

Many expert makeup artists recommend using a two-in-one product that can keep your face hydrated while prepping for makeup to avoid looking too greasy or powder products from looking muddy. 

Companies like Glossier make hydrating primers for different skin types, so even the driest skin can soak up extra hydration while your skin is prepped for makeup.

Exfoliate Your Lips

woman wearing lipstick

Dark lip shades such as classic red and deep wine colors are a staple in the winter, and so are chapped lips due to the cold, dry air. 

No matter what product you use, it is ultimately inevitable that dry, cracked, or chapped lips will show when emphasized with a dark color. 

To avoid this from running your makeup look, many experts recommend exfoliating the dead skin from your lips ahead of wearing a darker lip shade. 

This can be done with products purchased from retailers such as Ulta or Lush or a DIY lip scrub made from household products like sugar and olive oil. 

Don’t Skip Highlighter

highlighter on face

Revive tired, dull skin and add life to your dark-toned winter looks by adding a bit of extra highlighter. 

While many people associate this glowy product with summertime looks, the truth is that a bright highlighter is a staple for many wintertime glam looks. 

Add some to your cheekbones and other high points on your face, under your brow bone, or to the inner corner of both eyes to take your dark look to the next level.

Find the Right Foundation Match and Contouring Brush

foundation and contour

Finding the correct foundation fit is critical. Determine your skin type: oily, dry, sensitive, or mixed. Then, on that basis, find a foundation.

On the other hand, contouring is all about using the proper brush. A decent contouring angle brush will significantly improve the effect you can obtain.

Don’t Forget Your Ears & Neck

woman neck

Makeup should only be applied to your face, right? Wrong!

Remember to mix your foundation/powder into your ears and neck, all the way down to your collarbone.

For a smooth finish, use a multi-purpose brush.

If you still have trouble blending, you might be using the wrong hue for your complexion.

Fill in the Eyebrows

eyebrow design idea

Filling in the eyebrows is a MASSIVE game changer regarding impact. 

It is part of framing your face, and there are tons of great products out there that are affordable, quick, and lasting.

Use an Eyelash Primer


Do you want a more natural-looking lash with enhanced fullness?

Mascara primer is a beautiful technique to get this look without seeming “spidery.”

For a seamless application, apply mascara before the primer dries.