Messy House: How to go about Cleaning a Super Messy Home

Written by Farah Ashfaq | Last modified on:

Messy House

You’ve discovered this article because of a simple reason – you have a messy house. Perhaps you’ve confused how this came to be since you’re continuously trying to keep your place uncluttered and clean. In this article, we will list the most common clutter causes in most houses.

If any on the list are the reasons keeping your house messier than you’d like, we’ve also provided quick house cleaning tips on how to eliminate them for a cleaner house.

Papers Everywhere.

Books, mail, coupons, magazine subscriptions. Is your family guilty of piling some kind of paper product in your house? Although papers aren’t necessarily dirty, most ones in our houses are unnecessary and can be overwhelming when making a house clean.

Solution: Stop papers from piling by using a recycling bin outside of your front door to remove unwanted mails instantly. Take a moment to file crucial mail you do have in your filing system. Unsubscribe magazine subscriptions for items you’re not making use of. Also do a clean-out of your shelves to clear out or better yet, donate old items to make room for new ones or simply to reduce clutter.

Misplaced Items.

Is your family constantly using items and not putting them back where they belong? This habit can make a house instantly messy throughout the day.

Solution: Create a policy where any time everyone uses any item placed in their right location, that person needs to return it. In any case, have locations for your items.

Unmanaged Clothes.

Whether they be clean, used, worn, or dirty clothes, unaccounted ones can be a big issue that will leave your house messy. It’s especially hard to break the habit of leaving clothes where they are after taking them off. Not-quite-used clothes can be hard to put in the hamper as well.

Room in Your Closet for What You Actually Use

Solution: Less stuff means lesser clutter, which also means more room in your closet for what you actually use. Create a rule where every member of the family takes out an article of clothing out at a time, and always put something back in before taking another. Finally, ensure that all dirty clothes actually go into the hamper.

No One Cleans But You.

If you think that you’re doing your best to make the house clean only to realize at the end of the day that you place is still messy or even dirtier, then perhaps you’re the only one doing the cleaning effort.

Home Cleaning

Solution: Time for a quick intervention. Sit down with your family and create rules that everyone can agree on/ Ensure that everyone plays their part in keeping your house clean. Invest time for pets to train them. There are tools that can reduce their mess as well, so invest in those as well.

Wrong Cleaning Tools.

Simple brooms do clean, but they also sweep dust to other parts of the house – not a good method when trying to keep a house clean. Our house’s floor is perhaps one of the dirtiest and often dirtied place in the house.

Solution: It’s a simple fact that vacuums are exponentially than manual brooming, although corded ones can be tricky to use. Thankfully, there are stick vacuum cleaners. These types quickly reduce mess, such as the kitchen after the kids’ mealtime, or cleaning up before guests come over.

End Note

There you go! When buying a cleaning tool, go for the one that’s “right” for the job. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, for instance, can be easily switched between handstick and handheld, and are designed for whole-house cleaning.