I think there is no difference between Wise Parents and Average Parents. Parents are the great gift of God for their children and vice versa. Without this precious gift, the impact of life is missing.

Some authors say:

The best way to make children good is to make them happy.″
Oscar Wilde

Don’t worry that children never listen to you: worry that they are always watching you.”
Robert Fulghum

Robert wrote All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. As a keen observer of children, he realized how much children are watching you. In a way, this makes it easier; we don’t have to preach, only practice.

Wise Parents and Average Parents

Parenting is the most rewarding job and the total investment of their life. To be a responsible parent it is the duty of them to give their children good start by focusing their needs and keep influences over their development. In addition to it is important for parents to recognize that kids come into the world with their own temperaments to face the worldly life. Now parenting is a completive sport with a rapidly changing environment.

The perspective, goal and behavior of a child depend on the large extent of his first teacher or parents.  Early year of child’s learning known to have a lasting impression. So parent’s important thing parent should realize they are not perfect in all aspects. As you know human beings are prone to making mistakes. But mistakes can be overcome by learning their solution and correction without affecting their kids.

Let see how can change your style of parenting to become wiser to handle their adolescent.

Problem Dealing (Forget the consequence of a problem  Find the reason of the problem):-

Before to find the solution of any problem the most important step for the parent to keep calm and cool. It will resolve half of your problem and on another side, it removes child overwhelming experience. Being parents our job is to control sooth, anticipate and understand our own feelings

How to Help in StudiesHow to Help in Studies

In studies, help your child to find out himself the best possible answers and do not give initially answer without realizing the nature of a question. This process may help your child to start thinking and struggling to achieve his goals.


Find MistakesFind Mistakes:-

If a child makes mistakes in any task of learning or handling any chores, don’t scold him this may, he loses his confidence and he never feels comfortable to do any task. So give him a chance to find their own mistakes by thinking hard and learning from them.


Don’t Do ComparisonDon’t Do Comparison:-

It is hard not to compare your child with others kids. But if you really want your child to be happy with you then stop comparison your child. Every child has their own feeling and thinking abilities and some children develop earlier than others. Therefore comparing children is totally unfair. It’s all related to parent’s insecurities. Accept comparison always encourage your child.

How to protect a childHow to protect a child:-

Modern parents do a lot of mistakes or don’t have knowledge about the protection of their child. They are destroying their natural independence and trapping them in hyperactive behavior by limiting risk-taking, helping with homework, guard their child. If you want that increase a child’s perspective to learn the difference between right and wrong allow mistakes at some points and give a chance to them to learn the consequences from it to get away from fear.

Don’t Expect too much from your childDon’t Expect too much from your child:-

Parents love their children and want to be best from others. But think! Have parent invest quality time and prepare them for that expectation? But results don’t lie on it. Research shows that they’re not yet able to do and parents punish them according to that expectation.

If the parents want their child to work peacefully whether or not a child is capable of it, encourage and sacrifice for the good of the family to produce the expectation as reasonable.


Every parent loves their children for great extents and there is no such think Wise Parents and Average Parents only the difference in the style of parenting. If parents want their child to do excellent performance and respectful behavior try emphasis on shaping your child with knowledge and the little patience to disappear unavoidable behavior. And slightly adjust your expectation and pray for him to know as an honorable person in the society.



Farah Ashfaq
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