Getting some exercise is, of course, better than getting none at all. Yet, the reality is that most Americans don’t exercise nearly as much as they should. In fact, only 23% of American adults reach the recommended federal standards for regular exercise. It’s easy to see why. After all, people are busier than ever, and it can be very difficult to create a successful exercise plan. Fortunately, we’re here to help with that. Check out our top five tips for boosting your workout routine:

Stick to a Schedule

Working out only when you “feel like it” isn’t going to lead to positive results. Indeed, sporadically exercising won’t contribute to long-term health gains. If you want to start seeing more results from your workouts, then schedule them on a regular basis and stick to that itinerary. If you’d prefer to hit the gym after work, then always do that. Regardless of when, where, or how you work out, a regimented schedule is the first step to success.

Exercise More Often

While it’s not recommended to perform certain workouts –– like weight-lifting regimens –– every day, it is important to get some form of exercise on a daily basis. Even on your so-called “rest days,” it’s crucial to  perform physical activity. Working out for three days a week, but not managing to do anything on the other four, is akin to driving with the handbrake on. You won’t get anywhere fast!

Rethink Your Diet

Diet and exercise are inextricably linked. What you choose to eat will have a big effect on your mood, energy levels, and physical well-being. Therefore, odd or unhealthy eating habits will have an impact on your workouts. If you’re having trouble getting the best from your workouts, then consider rethinking your diet.

Talk to Your Doctor

Struggling with a nagging knee injury? Feel sharp pain or excessive fatigue during your workouts? Then don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor. They’ll be able to explain a number of treatment options to you, like, for instance, PRP vs stem cell therapy should you suffer from habitual joint pain. Medical professionals can also give you smart advice to enhance your diet and exercise choices.


Working out can and should be fun! It should allow you to unwind and release pent-up energy. As such, customizing your workouts to suit your preferences is a smart and obvious way to optimize them. Listen to your favorite music, exercise with a group of your friends, or even vary your workouts with your mood. At the end of the day, it’s your body –– so do what feels right!

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