How to Overcome Anxiety and Weight Gain

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Overcome Anxiety and Weight Gain

What happens when a person diagnosed an anxiety and weight gain?

Many people need to lose weight to preserve their health. Gaining weight falls your inner strength and figure to stop you from frequently doing work, as well it put in higher risk of health when internal fat is accumulated around the organ than fat located anywhere else in the body. Sometimes weight gain may be an anxiety symptom.

Ways To Reduce Your Anxiety and Weight Gain

Long term stress can be the reason of an anxiety and it starts damaging organs, DNA, memory loss and higher blood pressure risk and disturb the body’s weight.

Anxiety has a complex relationship if weight is gaining.

1) Eating calories in access:-

Anxiety can activate body to take excess eating. The reason behind this they want to settle their mood which can control by releasing endorphins in the body.

When some people are in stressed they experience hungriness and their hand never stops to take any kind of food.

Sleep More :-

Some people find that anxiety is very exhausting and think if they sleep more soon they will feel healthy, or some of them may sit at home more than they used to. This becomes inactive them from doing their daily chores or stops working, it means that they’re burning fewer calories, which in turn means they gain more weight.


Because of the stress hormone cortisol some people with anxiety have trouble managing their weight.

When any person in stressed the cortisol is released so it is also released during anxiety. This Cortisol causes to build fat around the mid-section and it also effects on maintaining your weight.

That’s mean every gender reacts to anxiety differently.

Weight gain is not a sign of uncontrollable even when it is linked to anxiety.

Important: –   You should first take anxiety test to get a better snapshot.

Healthy diet and exercise are important to strongly consider both for anxiety and weight gain.

As weight loss steps vary from person to person.  The most effective form of weight loss apply changing lifestyle, proper diet, moderate exercise and proper social support. Or effective only when a person burns his calories by doing only an exercise with the recommendation of medicine. 95% of diet fail to effect on people who considered to be least effective.

If you want to boost your mobility and fitness of your body to become smart adjust your lifestyle by changing your expectations and attitude and trying to go away from anxiety.

Research shows: that keeping your body weight in check is important for overall health and safety from any medical condition.

You will find real stories of people who committed themselves to lose weight, trying to safe from anxiety with facing many obstacles and become a showcase in digital media which is beyond the average.

Weight Loss Success Story of my Brother, A Truly Inspiring Transformation

Here is the real story of my brother. He lose 60 Kg within 4 months. He was facing serious stress, anxiety and weight, which led to increase hypertension and depression in him. But he didn’t considered his medical condition seriously. Fortunately with few reason he realize his health.

  • Weight loss: 60Kg
  • Age: 27
  • Now: 115 Kg
  • Before: 175 Kg

Weight loss wake-up call:  He felt shame to himself when people come to see him for wedding proposal and got amazed by his fatty look. As well he was an anxiety and gain weight. So this is the wake-up call about his weight.

He realized like me every other person has some expectation and dreams about his/her marriage. So he has analysed himself and started to finally step on a scale. It read 170 kg.

The secret to success: 

He jump-starts to weight loss goals and ease back into fitness. He fires up his metabolism by studying benefits of yoga to boost your body and work towards building strength, stamina, and stability. Soon he was feeling to embark upon an exciting new journey.

One of the key factor of my brother’s slim-down: Scheduling his workout between 6 a.m and 7 a.m. — even on weekends and joining the gym. Afterwards he did his breakfast and take little medicine as prescribed by a doctor to reduce calories and safe from anxiety.  With lunch he added a protein shake. His waist gradually was achieving his shape and his butt was more lifted.

He was started to keeping a food diary to track his calorie intake. Second, he follows the Top Myths about Weight Loss to managed short-term goal of losing five pounds. As he worked the program, he had created a new lifestyle to heal from anxiety and manage more weight.

Important Thing to Remember: –    He knows, if he doesn’t have iron in the body, then hunger would cause him to give up on these plans quickly.

Slowly he was seeing progress in the mirror. The blood pressure of him now 120/80, and heart rate is routinely at 55 beats per minute. He never thought that would see the success of his health. Now, with this new lifestyle, he is able to effortlessly attain and maintain his goals.

­­­­­Up till now to maintain his body he does an exercise which is the most effective solution. Eat healthy with the appropriate calories. Because there is no magic pill that will cause to lose weight accept that, these diet pills can actually increase anxiety and weight gain.

So start responsibly look after your body, and your weight will follow.

Soon you will listen good news that exercise and healthy eating is actually incredibly and effective tools for combating anxiety and weight gain.

It doesn’t matter which comes first – you’re reducing both of them when you start exercising regularly.


Your health is proportional to food, if you eat healthy and you will become more energetic either you are in stressed or any stage of life. So first step to consume proper intake of quality food which should close to the nature. Once you have fulfill the basic need of the body the next to generate energy with proper digestion of food and doing some exercise and yoga to boost your body and to deactivate antibodies of anxiety with weight gain.