Ditch Your Car and Take Up Motorcycle Riding

Written by Tanya Qaderi | Last modified on:

Motorcycle Riding

You love your car but imagine motorcycle riding. If you’ve always wanted to do so but haven’t taken the plunge, here are four reasons to prod you to do so.

Reasons and Benefits of Motorcycle Riding

You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to hit the road on two wheels instead of four.

1. Easy Travel

Once you become an experienced rider, you will never sit in traffic again. Provided it’s legal in your state, you can work your way through the gridlock by lane splitting, but you must do so carefully. Wait until you’ve been on your bike for awhile before you attempt this.

2. Easy Parking

It’s much easier to park a bike, too. Your motorcycle will take up less space, even if buy a huge hog, so you can park it quickly and easily in crowded lots. Just make sure you can see it from where you will be inside, as you don’t want anything to happen to your baby.

Easy Parking

4. Affordable

A motorcycle is less expensive to buy than a car is, and once you purchase your motorcycle clothing, you’ll be safe and ready to ride. While you will pay almost as much to maintain your ride’s engine, your tires will be cheaper, so they’re less expensive to maintain, too.

5. Longer Life

You see more classic bikes on the road than cars because motorcycles have a longer lifespan. They can outperform a car and, if well maintained, will last practically forever. This means you’ll get more for your money with motorcycle, and you already spent less to purchase it to boot!

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