Christmas season is all about celebrations and happiness and therefore everybody wants to make sure that they spend their Christmas holidays with all the fun and brightness around them. Breathtaking outdoor Christmas lights ideas. Christmas lights are all around us because it is commonly used in houses and shops and even on the streets but you need to use them wisely to give them a lasting effect.

Outdoor Christmas lights ideas

To do that you will need to first think of how you want to decorate your house or office or store and then decide which color lights you want to go for because unless you plan your light effects you won’t be able to get the right results from them. Since you are using these outdoor Christmas lights ideas to decorate your home you need to make sure that they are waterproof and they can handle the bad weather as well.

Cover Your Roof

If you don’t stay in skyscrapers then you have to start your lighting decorations from the roof of your house one of great outdoor Christmas lights ideas because that is something that people tend to miss out because no one wants to climb all the way up. You can use long string lights which are more common in the market.

outdoor christmas lights ideas -Cover Your Roof

You can arrange them in the straight line so that it looks like they are the part of roof illuminating in the dark.

outdoor christmas lights ideas -Cover Your RoofThis will certainly give your home look like a fairy tale house at least from the top. Icicle lights can also be used to make the roof more attractive during the night time. If your roof is flat you can try to put up a huge picture of Santa Claus on the top along with some light effects so that it looks different from the rest.

Outline Doors and Windows

There are many different LED lights available on the market that has small bulbs on it. You can use those lights to border the doors and windows and make your house look more attractive from the outside.

outdoor christmas lights ideas -Outline Doors and Windows

The bordering of doors and windows will make your house stand apart from the rest because bordering your house with lights will give it a more definitive look during the night time when the lights are on. If you have a garden right outside your house you can cover the border of the garden with these lights as well to give a perfect bordering to your entire house area, one of the best outdoor Christmas lights ideas

Enhance Doors and Windows

People watching your home from the outside can clearly see inside your home through doors and windows and therefore that is one area where you have to work hard.

outdoor christmas lights ideas -Enhance Doors and Windows

You can use electric candles and put them up on the windows rather than using the actual candles which might cause fire accidents. You can also use some sparkling and twinkling lights in the wreath that you have hooked up on your front door to make it stand apart. You can place electric candles on both sides of the steps and add some cotton to it to give is more snowy appearance.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for Backyard

If you have a small backyard where you love to plant your own trees you need to ensure that you decorate that part of your house as well because people can see it when they pass by your house.

outdoor christmas lights ideas -Backyard

You can decorate your trees with spiral lights that roll around the tree bark till the top. You can use green color lights on the top to make it look like leaves that are sparkling. On the ground, you can use LED lights that are not quite visible and spread them in between the bushes so that it gives out a better appearance when you turn on the lights at night. You can even use some small rocks and put some light in between them so that they stand out at night. You can even decorate your fence with string lights which would look great at night.

Decorate Your Porch

If you don’t have any backyard space to decorate them with lights you can use some simple ideas to decorate your porch in your own unique way. You can make your own paper bag luminaries which are very easy and simple and effective because they don’t take much space.

Decorate Your PorchYou can go for different color paper bags and place them neatly to border your porch and see the difference they make. You can even cut out the upper part of the paper bag in different designs to make it more creative. You can even create a small snowman from paper bags and place lights inside it to make it glow.

If you don’t want to go for complicated snowman you can cut the paper bags in shape of snow designs and hang them upside down like bulbs so that they look like illuminating snow designs on your porch.

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