Some Effective Ways to Reinvest Your Company Profits

Written by Farah Ashfaq | Last modified on:

reinvest your company profits

If you are an entrepreneur running your own business, planning strategically for the future is essential. It will not only help to keep your business on a sound financial footing but also help you to achieve future success. Strategic planning will help you to look at which areas or markets you could penetrate next or to set realistic goals to generate more revenue.

For many businesses, a great way to make more profit is to reinvest some of the money it has already made. The key point to remember here is to only reinvest some – you would still be well advised to keep a little back to help with cash flow and any unforeseen emergencies.

But what are the best ways for companies to reinvest their profits?

Ways to use your company profits

If you have some spare cash to reinvest within your business, it is key to think carefully about how you will go about it. This will ensure that you invest the money into a market or asset that gives a decent return. Here are some of the best ways to reinvest business profits currently.

  • Foreign exchange market – this financial market processes over $5 trillion trades per day and is based around trading global currencies. It is also known as the Forex market. It is a very popular investment choice for many businesses as it offers superb opportunities to make money, is easy to access and relatively easy to grasp.

You simply open an account with an online Forex broker and read the currency charts to see which currency pair to invest in. One word of warning though – although simple to understand in terms of how it works, you must study the basics of Forex trading to succeed. The best way of doing so is to read Forex trading books that will provide you with the information and strategies needed to profit overall. To get started why not have a look at Forex trading for dummies at

  • Reinvest in staff – although this may not be the first thing you think of, it is worth reinvesting some of the profits you have into your workforce. These are the key people who will drive you on to future growth and help you build a loyal customer base. Think about using some of your profit to invest in staff training or to fund their studies on an external course at college or university. The extra knowledge they then bring back to use in your company will be worth it.
  • Think about upgrading your equipment – another great way to reinvest your spare profits is in the equipment that you use. This can be especially true for businesses in the manufacturing sector or in construction. Office staff will benefit from the latest printers or computers that allows them to work faster or more efficiently. Technology moves on all the time and you need to make sure you have the right equipment in place to remain competitive.
  • Think about beefing up your marketing efforts – marketing is the lifeblood of all businesses as it helps attract customers and lets them know what you offer. A great way to think about using some of your profits is to invest more into digital marketing. This online way of reaching people is worth putting resources into as it can give a great ROI. From social media marketing to SEO and beyond, use some of your profits to strategically plan marketing campaigns that bring in more business. If you are not a digital marketing expert, then use the money to outsource this key task to an external agency.
  • Peer to peer lending – many businesses are looking to not only make themselves successful but also to help others along the way. The rise of ethical entrepreneurs has really picked up in recent times. If this is important to you then why not use Peer to Peer Lending as a way of re-investing your profits? The scheme means you lend money to start-up businesses online and get it back after an agreed period with interest. There is an element of risk involved, however,  not only might you make money, you will also feel good at having helped a start-up get off the ground.

Reinvest for business success

There is a temptation to simply hold on to all the profits you make. While you should do this for a portion, the rest is in fact much better used to stimulate further growth. The best way to go about it is to reinvest some money to help you reach your next set of financial targets.