Small Business IT Support ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Small Business IT Support ideas

Technology has fundamentally altered every aspect of our lives. Whether we are watching TV, doing the weekly shopping or simply chatting with our friends, we do so in a way that could have been regarded as science fiction as little as 20 years ago.

Yet the changes in our work lives are, if anything, even more profound. Technology has made the world a smaller place, and many of us work with customers, suppliers and even team members who are scattered across the globe.

However, while nobody can deny that technology has brought numerous advantages, there is a downside. Practically every process within an organization is completely reliant on its technology. A software failure can bring a company to its knees, rendering it unable to deliver its products or services. In extreme examples, it can even prevent workers from being able to enter the workplace.

Don’t underestimate the importance of IT Support

Small Business IT Support is clearly an absolute prerequisite for any organization, yet is seldom anywhere close to the top of the priority list for a small or medium-sized business entrepreneurs. That might be dangerous, but it is understandable. Business leaders are typically going to be focused on front-end factors. Reaching out to new customers, developing new products and services, getting the invoices out on time and similar activities all seem more business critical.

Yet for any of these to happen, the back office software function has to work like clockwork, and this is not going to magically happen on its own.

Choosing the right Small Business IT Support Structure

Small businesses have a tendency to use as little IT support as possible. Running a business lean and minimising costs is fine, but skimping too much in this area can have potentially catastrophic results.

Modern software solutions are more user-friendly than ever, and by utilizing the latest cloud-based innovations, there is less need for localized hardware and infrastructure. However, the danger is in assuming this means that either nothing can go wrong, or that any glitches can be fixed at the user level.

The point is that every organization still needs IT support for when things go wrong, and that support needs to be on hand at a moment’s notice.

For a large company, this is less of a challenge. In-house support is a resource that is well worthwhile to keep systems running smoothly, to perform routine updates and to set up new users and systems.

Small Business IT Support

For a smaller company, the solution is less obvious. SMEs might feel that in-house small business IT support is a luxury they simply cannot afford. Outsourcing to an external company is one option but is fraught with risk. In the event of a system failure, how confident can the organization be that support will be on hand instantly?

A growing number of companies are adopting the practice of hiring in IT support associated with an umbrella PAYE organization. This guarantees reliable support on hand while minimizing costs and providing the most tax-efficient solution.

Common Software Issues

With user-friendly software that is remotely accessed from the cloud, what is there to go wrong? The answer is “plenty.”

  • Security

Cyber-attacks, malware, viruses, hacking. These are phrases we see in the press every day. Cybercriminals are constantly becoming more sophisticated, and this means your antivirus and security arrangements need to move with the times.

  • Backup and recovery

One of the benefits of cloud-based systems is that data backup is all taken care of online. But suppose disaster really does strike – who knows how to recover the data?

  • Obsolescence

A business is constantly evolving, and trying to get by with obsolete or creaking systems can be tantamount to weeds around a ship’s rudder. Who has the expertise to see where the bottlenecks are and what better solutions might be out there?

  • Lack of internal control

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Today, we all think we are technological experts, but the rise in BYOD culture in organizations can cause serious security issues.

Take care of your Systems

The modern business relies on optimising its levels of customer service in terms of value, quality, and speed of delivery. Every one of these aspects is entirely reliant on the effectiveness and dependability of the IT systems that underpin every process.

Cloud-based solutions in the 21st century seem almost to run themselves, but /the operative word here is “almost,” and the devil is in the detail. In order to succeed, businesses large and small cannot overestimate the importance of having an effective and reliable small business IT support infrastructure in place.