We know that the best things come in small packages and your garden is a prime example. A townhouse courtyard, urban apartment or starter home? Fear not, there plenty of small garden ideas options available to maximize your outdoor space.

Small Garden Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

Switch on your creativity, roll up your sleeves and with our small garden ideas, transform your petite patio into a heavenly haven! 

Working It Out

Small garden planning requires big, organized thinking. Your plans for a mini-oasis could get lost in the undergrowth of home improvement choices, so work out how you want your garden to fit your lifestyle. Look at different themes, define your budget and do your homework.

A Girl working in Garden

Pot plants or wall climbers? Fencing, hedging or new doors, to showcase your finished sanctuary?  If in doubt, ask for ideas at your local garden centre. Taking a photograph of the garden with you helps them in offering the best advice.

Flower Power

Plants are the key to your success; choose according to plant size and your garden environment. Too small and they will get lost; however, too big and they will muscle in and dominate your outdoor space. Evergreen plants should be incorporated alongside vivid flowering plants, to ensure an year-round seasonal balance.

What type of outdoor space you have is also important, e.g. a courtyard may be shady, so plants must be able to accommodate minimal sunlight. Likewise, where the sun crosses your garden throughout the day should be key to plant positioning and also in relation to garden furniture. Do you want to sit in the sun, or the shade when admiring your blossoming oasis?

Pitch Perfect

Whilst a mini-Wembley stadium might appeal to some, using lawn turf is an economical way to achieve a smart and durable effect.

Garden Track

Rolls of turf can be laid in minutes and can be a child-friendly asset to your outdoor area. 

Splash And Dash

Another easy way to ensure visual appeal is to flood your garden with colour. Wield your paint brush to coat fencing in bright, weatherproof shades, to give your borders some va-va-voom!

How about planting flamboyant blossoms that will explode into life during the year? A splash of paint and a dash of colour can transform your outdoor space, at minimal cost.

See the Light

Visual effects can be an excellent way to give the illusion of a larger space. A mirror in your garden can be intriguing, mystical and attractive, whilst creating an unusual viewing dimension.

Another option is solar lighting; a cost-effective option that gives your garden a peaceful night-time glow. Once completed, you will want to see your work of art from indoors but door frames and handles do spoil the view.

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