Rise and shine! It’s finally time to shed layers of wintery ensemble off and put on the Summer Fashion Trends you have been dying to try all winter. Hottest season of the year, summer, with its sunny arrival brings hotness to your wardrobe. Bright colors, flowing skirts, trending makeup style, stunning dresses combined with hot sandals and accessories, all make you glow. This year you can refresh your closet and upgrade it easily even with meager savings and stay in step with newest fashion trends. Let’s get you updated on summer fashion trends 2017, so you can restyle your wardrobe with a twist and bring old pieces back to life.

Summer Fashion Trends / Wear More Color

Colors that were “it” for 2016

2016 was a mix of soft and bold colors. From bold fiesta, soft serenity to playful buttercup, the colors of spring/summer 2016 were unique and calming.

Image credit: hartsd

Colors That are “it” for 2017

As compared to last year’s color palette, the 2017’s fashion is leaning more toward bright and cheery hues. This year brings the color palette that defines bright and sunny to a T.  Watch out for pink colored attire this year; it was the highlight of Paris fashion week schedule and exhibited shocking hues of pink.

Fashion color palette 2017
From left: Givenchy, Celine, Hermes, Loewe, Valentino and Balenciaga. Photos: Imaxtree

Give it Your Own Style:

Now that you are aware what colors will be “in” this year, you can decide for yourself what colors to wear together. If you have an old pink crop shirt, you can pair it with purple long skirt or use the combo of light with darker shades. Play with your imagination and bring the dead to life.

Summer Work Dress

What to wear to work? It’s the question you ask yourself numerous times every day, unless you are one of those persons who organize their wardrobe weekly. Your workplace is your runway, your fashion sense says a lot about you. Here’s how work outfits of 2017 differ from those of 2016 and make you look your best at work.

Work Outfits in 2016

Loose dress pants, angled long and short skirts with shirts tucked in and printed mini jackets, the work outfits in 2016 looked stunning and well put together.

Work Outfits in 2016

Work Outfit in 2017

Wearing plain starched work dress is not fun anymore, not to mention repeating same old work outfits gets pretty boring. But printed work outfits and casual yet classy business suits are a fresh breathe of air this year, more importantly they will make you look younger!

work dress in 2017
Image credit: themuse

Summer fashion trends 2017 brought forward perfect breezy styles that will save you from the sweltering heat and keep you cool.

Printed shirts, smooth skirts and mixed pattern designs will make you look appropriate as well as chic. More so, plethora of printed designs, floral, digital, bold textures and stripes as well as pastels and neutrals will be available this year to fill your wardrobe with most stylish work outfits.

Printed Skirts

Printed skirts, printed boots, printed shirts and printed bags, it’s everywhere this year as well! Multicolored printed skirts remind you of Hawaii and cool margaritas. Floral prints, digital prints, stripes, abstract art and what not, you will see a lot of color flying on the street, as summer fashion trends 2017 has continued the last year’s fashion with flourish. Have a look at the difference in 2016 and 2017’s printed skirts.

Printed skirts in 2016 

Printed Skirts 2016
Image credit: vogue

The trend of uneven and asymmetrical printed skirts began in 2016 and brought a wave of refreshment with its different printed designs.

Printed skirts in 2017

Summer fashion trends 2017 display more floral prints. The black and white outfit with somewhat floral design and light gray printed top is casual yet classy.

Printed skirts in 2017
Image credit: themuse

Give it Your Own Style

It’s not difficult to find printed fabric in your home; old bed sheets are best for recreating printed skirts and summer dresses. Even if you can’t find one, you can always buy some cheaply from the market. Look for coupons and special offers online on websites like www.freebiesdip.com to save few bucks on the purchase. Once you find the fabric, you can stitch and style it any way you want.

Figure Hugging Dresses

Dresses that show off your body give off a confident vibe. If you know your body type and how to dress accordingly you can pull off the model looks you desire so much. Let’s have a look at 2016’s body hugging dresses and what changed in summer fashion trends 2017.

Hugging Dresses in 2016 

Summer dresses in 2016 were a mix of loose ruffled, sheer dresses and tights pants, form fitting off-shoulders and skin peeking dresses.

Hugging Dresses in 2016
Image credit: fashionisers

Hugging Dresses in 2017

Summer 2017 has brought old corsets back. nothing makes your body figure standout more than corsets, even though they literally take your breath away. Tight pants and short dresses with parkas draped over model’s shoulders were the highlight of runways showing summer fashion trends 2017.

Hugging Dresses 2017
Image credit: theguardian
Casual Corsets
Image credit: elle

Give it Your Own Style

You can easily make a corset out of an old T shirt. If you are used to twisting up fashion trends to give it your own touch you must know the basics of sewing. You can fancy it up by using rhinestones or beads. Worn skirts can be remodeled to make form fitting jackets out of them.

Maxi Dress and Skirts

Maxi dresses and long maxi skirts are back in trends! Maxis are the epitome of summer dresses; they are perfect to wear on a sunny day while enjoying breezy summer. Here’s the comparison between 2016’s maxi apparels and 2017’s.

Maxi Dress in 2016 

Maxi Dress 2016
Image credit: thefashiontag

Yellow dresses were seen on the streets throughout 2016, specifically refreshing maxi dresses and flowing maxi skirts. The sunny maxi dress with denim snug jacket, nude flat pumps and stylish clutch in this picture looks perfect for a hot day out with friends.

Maxi Dress in 2017

Compared to 2016, maxi dresses in 2017 look much more elegant and modish. As buttercup is one of the top color trends this year, the gorgeous maxi skirt, topped with sheer white crop top is a picture of sophistication. Paired with chic sunglasses and suede clutch, you wouldn’t want to miss this summer fashion trend 2017.

Maxi Dress 2017
Image credit: fashiontasty

Give it Your Own Style:

Found some lacy scarf in the back of your closet? Perfect! You can use the Lacey fabric to add beautiful trimming to the hem of your skirt or shirt top. You can add floral designs or simply paint your old maxi dress and give it summery zing.

Hot Shorts

Shorts is the only fashion attire that never goes old, and quite frankly saves you from a lot of trouble when you fall short of ideas to upgrade your wardrobe in summer. Which girl doesn’t like to show off her beauty? And let me tell you nothing shows off your shapely legs more than hot shorts. Let’s see how different this year’s short trends are from those of 2016’s.

Hot Shorts 2016

Hot Shorts 2016

Cut off jeans short with frayed hems and smooth textured denim shorts were “in” last year.

Hot Shorts 2017

Hot Shorts 2017
Image credit: nordstrom.com

Where jeans shorts were popular last year, ripped denim shorts will be at the top of summer fashion trends 2017. All three models shown below are wearing shorts that look well worn, which couldn’t be more wrong. These ripped shorts are among the hottest styles this summer.

Give it Your Own Style

If you already have shorts that look old and threadbare, you don’t have to do anything to change them. If you don’t have, then you can simply cut off old denims and leave it frayed and little ripped to have trending shorts.

Blouse and Tops

As expected, summer fashion trends 2017 also bring unique shirt designs and colors in stores. It’s really fun when you get to pair different types of tops with your skirts. Let’s see the comparison between 2016 and 2017’s tops.

In 2016

Blouse and Tops 2016
From left: Prabal Gurung, Thakoon, Givenchy (Photos: Imaxtree)

Puffy shirts and printed blouses were a big deal in 2016; tie dyed and Pj shirts also made it to the top charts last summer. The runway showcased models wearing tops and blouses that looked like night wears. Soft yellow and blue goodnight tops sure are weird, yet unique at the same time.

In 2017

Blouse and Tops 2017
Spotted at: Joseph, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, and Prada
Credit Indigital/Getty

Deconstructed shirts are a huge hit this summer. Shirts halfway tucked in the pants, loose shirt hanging off one shoulder and big sized shirts cinched at waist to accentuate it, the summer fashion trends 2017 came with the most unusual but charming blouse ideas.

Give it Your Own Style

Oversized shirt’s hem can be trimmed, in case it’s too long, and cinched at the waist to highlight your waist. Now how you cinch it depends on your bright imagination, using belts or other fabric.

Sneakers in Summer

Sneakers never get old, they are everyone’s favorite. The good thing is that they can be paired with number of outfits and still look modish. Because of its popularity each year new trends of sneakers are brought in market, where sneaker fans are scrambling to get their hands on the best pairs. White sneakers have been in fashion for a long time.

In 2016

Sneakers 2016
Image credit: elle.com

Mules and white sneakers reigned supreme last year. Here’s the picture of fashionista Kendall Jenner, who was spotted in 2016 wearing white sneakers.

In 2017

Sneakers 2017
END. Clothing

Although many of the sneakers were designed using black and white tones, printed sneakers were also introduced in summer fashion trends 2017. You can see myriad of sneaker shades, whites, blacks and oranges.

Give it Your Own Style:

As bold color contrasts are trending this summer, you can use laces of one sneaker for the other, like purple and pink color combo, which will be in fashion in this year. If you have pink sneakers, you can die or paint the laces of one shoe purple.

Summer Jeans

Jeans are the only thing people love wearing all year round. Plain blue and black jeans, though still favored by many, are the thing of the past. Now there are gazillion variations to jeans; light weight, skinny, floral printed, embroidered and ripped at knees.

In 2016

Summer Jeans2016
Image credit: truereligion.com | blissandmischief.com

Summer of 2016 saw embroidered and ripped jeans with side zipped suede boots, which look pretty cool and chic.

In 2017

Image credit: harpersbazaar

Laced up jeans are back ladies! Summer jeans in 2017 couldn’t be more modern. Kendall Jenner was seen wearing white high waist jeans which were laced up from ankle to thighs topped with feisty jacket and classic white sneakers.

Give it Your own Style:

Jeans cut around ankles are also a fashion in 2017. You can easily cut any old pair of jeans at ankles or stick floral prints on the pockets.

Summer Makeup Tips

Going to a party or any special occasion without makeup makes some women feel naked. Like apparels, makeup styles change with season, and to look your best, you can’t ignore the latest makeup styles.

In 2016

Summer Makeup Tips 2016
Image credit: marieclaire

The summer makeup trends for 2016 were all gloss and shimmer. Non-touring, glittery lids and negative eyeliner were some of the makeup ideas followed by makeup geeks last summer.

In 2017

Summer Makeup Tips 2017
Image credit: glamourmagazine

Bright neon and pastel colors, glittered lips and smoky eyes are summer fashion trends 2017. Moreover, going all natural with your makeup look is a trend this year.

Give it Your Own Style:

Go all natural with your look. Glitter is not something new and you might already have it, so don’t have to worry about making a trip to the mall for the itsy bitsy glitter tube.

Swimsuits to Buy This Summer

Have been spending hours in the gym to get bikini body? All the hardships you endured to lose weight pays off when you see yourself in a beautiful bikini. Beach trips and parties are why people wait all year for the sun to peek out of clouds. Each year, more and more fun bikini trends come around, and this year is not any different.

Swimsuits In 2016

Swimsuits 2016
Image credit: fashionisers

Again, printed swimsuits were found to be in fashion in 2016. Other swim wear styles included cutouts, athletic swimsuits and more. These ethnic single piece swimsuits make you think of Pocahontas.

Swimsuits In 2017

Swimsuits 2017
Image credit: thefashionspot.com/

Runaway looks more like bridezilla this year with models made their catwalks wearing white bridal bikinis. Cutouts, tussle, and high cut are some of the few styles to look out for this summer. The printed swimsuits with their sides cut out are perfect for a beach party.

Give it Your Own Style:

You can lookup different styles of cut out and shear swimsuits to convert your one-piece bikinis into a masterpiece, you might not even have to search for them, you can just try what you just saw right now.

Summer Accessories (Sunglasses, Belts, Hats and Built in Jewelry)

Accessories give you the final touch you need to complete your ensemble, better if it matches perfectly with the newest summer fashion trends 2017.

Summer Accessories  in 2016

Summer Accessories 2016
Image credit: fashionisers

Jewelry in 2016 was all about gold and chokers, while mismatched earrings and oversized sunglasses were a must. Buckle belts and over the top headwear were among the hottest accessories last year.

Summer Accessories  in 2017

Summer Accessories 2017
Image credit: vogue

Accessories change from 2016 to 2017 is clearly reviving. Buckle belts transformed to corset belts; tinted sunglasses are finally back; and summer hats, straw hats, are a bit toned down this year.

Summer Accessories 2017-2
Image credit : thetrendspotter
Image credit : thetrendspotter

Give it Your Own Style:

Recreating chokers, corset belts and big bold jewelry is actually a fun activity. There are many ways you can design your own chokers, you can use your old scarves and add stones to them to make them more stylish.

Sandals to wear in Summer

Tired of wearing high heeled monsters all the time? Well, this summer you might pack them away. Buckled flats and easy to wear sandals are the perfect footwear for beach days.

Sandals in 2016

Sandals 2016
Image credit: instyle

Summer trends in 2016 were a colorful combination of fun flats, block heels, flat pumps and loafer slides. Gladiator sandals with black and white and rainbow crisscrossing design, look comfortable while not lacking in fashion department.

Sandals in 20167

Sandals 2017
Image credit: whowhatwear

Rope sandals were the special addition in the sandals fashion trends of 2017. These rope twined sandals were featured in beach pictures this year by Lucy Willians and Sara of Collage vintage. Other pretty footwear of summer fashion trends 2017 are flatform sandals, leather toe flats and elegant slides.

Give it Your Own Style:

The simple rope sandals can be a fun DIY project. You can twist the thin ropes through any old sandals and turn them into something that looks store bought.

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