Working Remotely? Here are the Lifestyle Tips For You!

Written by admin | Published on November 29, 2022

Working remotely

If you recently started working remotely, you may wonder what your day-to-day routine will look like.

Will you enjoy the work-from-home environment on your new patio by Hiner Outdoor Living? Or you’ll create your own office space?

Whatever you decide, we have four lifestyle tips for you when you start working remotely. 

Please give them a read and see what works best for you and your new schedule!

Morning Routine

books and a coffee cup

How you start your day sets the foundation for how it will play out. 

Suppose you’re prone to put on a pot of coffee and grab the laptop – pause. You’ll spend most of the daylight hours in front of a screen. 

So leave some space in the morning to be completely away from it. Yes, this means putting away the cell phone as well. (You can do it!).

Create a morning routine that’s focused on you. This could be journaling, going for a short walk, reading, or meditating. 

Choose an easy activity that can help you find a space of inner peace and personal growth.

Make Physical Activity A Priority

woman standing near sports accessories

A remote job has benefits, but a significant downside is how passive it can be. 

You could quickly go the whole day with less than 500 steps tracked on your Fitbit. Physical activity is paramount to your well-being, so you can’t let your work get in the way of body movement.

Doing some exercise every day can be easy as long as you place realistic expectations on yourself

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym or run six miles daily to be healthy. Experts agree that aiming for 10,000 steps benefits your overall health. 

You can accomplish this by taking an easy 15-minute walk every few hours!

Get Out of the House

group of friends hanging out

Remote work can undoubtedly be isolating!

The good news is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be. As social beings, we must get out and interact with the world from time to time. (Even if you’re an introvert.)

Consider bringing your laptop to a local coffee shop a few days a week. You don’t need to be there all day, but some human interaction is healthy for the mind, body, and soul. 

Who knows? You may make a few new friends while doing so!

Get Some Vitamin D

man soaking sunlight

Sunshine is the perfect anecdote when you feel overwhelmed with your remote work.

Vitamin D offers up a host of positive physical and mental health benefits. You should try and get outside every couple of hours when you’re on the clock. It’s well worth it!

You could even consider taking your work outside if you don’t have the time for an outdoor break.

Either way, you don’t want to be stuck inside for your shift. Set the alarm on your phone, reminding you to get in some nature time if that helps.

Lather on the sunscreen and bask in those sunny rays!

Make Effective Use of Technology

woman using devices for health monitoring

Working remotely may make it easier to get sidetracked. So utilize technology to be productive as much as possible.

Various apps and smart devices enable you to set timers, reminders, and motivators to keep you on track, work out, and focus on what’s important.

Program the following day’s priorities each morning or before bed into your technology. Then, proceed with the instructions as directed.

Follow a Consistent Sleeping Schedule

girl sleeping

Do you have a conference call booked for the mid-morning? Is your Netflix marathon still running at the end of the day? In any case, get out of bed and into bed on time.

As you acclimate to spending more time at home, your sleep habit may deteriorate. Maintaining a consistent waking and bedtime pattern is crucial for health.

Without it, you may have drowsiness or severe fluctuations in energy throughout the day.

When this occurs, the urge to take a long nap when you have no job in the afternoon may be substantial. But going for a brief walk is significantly more fruitful.

If you need to sleep, set the alarm for a 20-minute power nap.