5 Steps to Take if your Salon Stock is Stolen

Written by Farah Ashfaq | Last modified on:

Salon Stock Is Stolen

It can not only be costly, but utterly heart-breaking when someone breaks into your salon and steals your stock. After all, it is basically your livelihood that they have stolen. But try not to panic, for there is always a way to get your salon back on track.

Once you discover the scene of the theft in your stockroom/stock-house, you should take note of the things that have actually been stolen. A good housekeeping (or salon stock-keeping) tip is to create a list of your stock early on and maintain it rigorously. That way, if anything is stolen, you can go through each item and see if you can locate it, for instance, if it has been moved. Then, you can put together an overall picture of what has been taken or damaged, for your insurer.

Report the Theft to the Authorities

Naturally, once you have made sure that your property is safe, you need to report the theft to the appropriate authorities. The faster you do this, the faster the authorities can look into it and potentially find a culprit. In addition to this, the police will take down notes about how you found out about the theft and the whereabouts of your employees. The fact that you have had this theft legally documented will certainly help you in regard to any insurance claims that follow.

Keep your Paperwork Updated

Should you have a stock house or hold any stock within your business’ main building, you will always be presented with paperwork from the moment you receive the order. It is always wise to file away these order forms or receipts in your records. That way, should you require evidence that you purchased something for your salon, you have a record of when it was delivered and that you were the owner. This will be extremely important if you need to escalate the theft to your insurer.

Alert your Insurer

No matter if you are a big salon, or a smaller spa, you should always purchase insurance in order to protect your property, contents, and employees. Whilst you should always buy public liability insurance, it is also recommended to invest in the likes of Property Insurance, Product Liability, and Business Interruption Insurance. That way, if you find that your products have been stolen then you can be compensated. Better yet, if there has been damage to your property because of the break-in, and it is not safe for your employees to come into work, then you can get compensation for the loss of time and any repairs that need to be made to your property. You can find comprehensive and specifically tailored salon insurance packages from specialist insurers. Salon Gold insurance, for instance, is a popular choice for salon owners all over the UK.

Check your Property for additional damage

Keep in mind that if someone has broken into your business building then there is a high chance that they damaged your property in order to get in. Check to see if any windows have been smashed, doors damaged or if anything inside the building has been broken. The last thing you want is for your property’s lease to be affected by criminal activity.