Best Rated Apps That Can Help Make You Money

Written by Anthony Carter | Last modified on:

Using apps to make money looks set to be one of the trends growing this year. Now that technology is at such an advanced level, near enough all of the ways you can make and check your money online are now available via apps. There are many different ways to make money using best rated apps, ranging from apps that help you find freelance work to apps that let you manage your investments from your smartphone or tablet.

1) CMC Markets:

CMC Markets

CMC markets have an award winning trading app that lets you place investments, check them, and execute trades on the go. The CMC markets app is specifically designed for their customers to be able to easily access information, specifically when trading CFD’s, Forex and spread betting. It has the luxury of live streaming prices and charts and also advanced ticket order functionality so you can do all this whilst going about your usual business.

2) Gigwalk:


Gigwalk is an app that posts odd jobs online in and around your area. The premise is that you can fulfil the odd jobs near you just when you are doing your regular walking around, maybe to and from work. Anyone can post gigs, or sign up to complete them, and there is a flat rate of $5 currently paid for each gig. Most of the gigs at the moment involve waiting around and taking panoramic pictures for Microsoft to use, but there are others such as conducting market research.

3) Easyshift:


Imagine what it is like working for a temp agency. Sometimes they can be so incredibly slow at sending you jobs, that you miss out on the actual opportunity to work them. Easyshift is like having a small, real time temp agency in your pocket. Easyshift lists all of the work that is close to your location. Unlike gigwalk, there are very few online tasks, and most of the shifts are real life. You may need to weigh up the distance from you to the actual pay when you decide to take a shift on this app.

4) Field Agent:

Field Agent

Field Agent is a little bit of a different app to make money online, and it makes you feel rather like a spy. Instead of general work tasks, field agent is more geared at fact checking. They make it fun, by introducing things like ‘treasure hunts’ to find different items in different shops. Basically field agent is a way for companies to check up on products being in stock, property conditions etc.

5) Bitwalking:


Bitwalking is potentially one of the easiest apps of all to earn money. All you have to do is go about your daily life like usual, and you earn money for the amount of steps you take. The catch is, they are paid in the popular online currency, bitcoins.

Bitcoins, however, are now becoming a lot more popular, and it is a lot easier for you to be able to cash these in as real money online. When you weigh up the pros against the cons, it is worth downloading as you really do not have to do much to earn money.

6) Slidejoy:


Slidejoy is an interesting app that can again make you money without you having to put in any effort. Slidejoy is basically a paid advertising app, and they will place ads on your lock screen in exchange for you getting paid a fee into your paypal account. They work the pay structure on carats and you need to earn 2000 to cash out. 1000 = 1 dollar, and you get 20 for each ad. This may not seem like a bank breaking amount, but you really are getting paid for doing nothing so if you leave it and try to forget about it, it may soon add up.

7) Foap:


If none of these appeal to you, how about an app that can turn your photos into money? Foap lets you upload any of your own original pictures to its site, and then user have the option to buy them to use them on their own pages or social media. Each individual picture on Foap costs the buyer $10, and you get half of this.

While it is also a goofy way to make some extra money, it is also pretty cool to think that someone wants to use your photo. With this one, you do need to remember that once you have sold the photo, you also sell the rights.