Milk Chocolate Top 10 Health Benefits : Sweet Treatment

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Milk Chocolate Health Benefits

There has been an established notion that milk chocolate is hazardous for health. That irresistible, smooth and sweet guilty pleasure has been kept out of your diet believing that it would sabotage your diet plan causing health hazards!!

Health Benefits of Milk Chocolate

Well, if you crave for a bar of your favorite milk chocolate, you should fulfill the desire! Why, “because, it is actually good for your heart,” found Valentine Yanchou Njike of Yale Griffin Prevention Research Center. Apart from cardiovascular benefits, milk chocolate is good for your overall well being.

Let’s explore in what ways it benefits us:

1- Healthy Heart:

Healthy Heart

According to research at University of Aberdeen, eating 100g of milk chocolate daily lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke risk. Prof. Phyo Myint concluded, “Cumulative evidence suggests higher chocolate intake is associated with a lower risk of future cardiovascular events.” That is mainly due to flavonoids- antioxidant found in milk chocolate.

2- Activates Brain:

Dr. Farzaneh Sorond, neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, found out that chocolate seemed to boost brain’s blood supply, which consequently, improves brain performance and memory. According to new research, milk chocolate boosts neurovascular coupling, a phenomenon in which increased blood flow and improve neural activity is interlinked.

3- Fights Ageing:

Milk chocolate is rich in antioxidants like epicatechin. It prevents brain to buildup amyloid plaques, a protein that causes dementia. Moreover, polyphenols help preventing age-related arthritis.

4- Combat Against Cold & Cough:

Milk chocolate that contains phenolics, another antioxidant, boosts the immune system of the body. As theobromine naturally occurs in chocolate, it is proved to be effective in treating persistent cough. So, you can eat milk chocolate to give warmth to your body.

5- Protects Tooth from Decay:

Protects Tooth from Decay

Osaka Universtiy, Japan found out that cocoa beans prevents mouth and tooth decay. They act as antibacterial agents in mouth and stop dental decay. Hence, milk chocolate can be much better than other sweet foods.

6- Controlled Blood Pressure:

A research conducted by Harvard University in2009 found that flavonoids-rich cocoa increases the level of nitric oxide in body hence lowering the blood pressure. Hence, milk chocolate in take can useful to keep the blood pressure under control.

7- Minimize Stress:

When you are stressed, the brain produces a hormone called as ‘cortisol’. Milk chocolate supplies magnesium which reduces the production of cortisol. Instead, it increases the production of ‘serotonin’ in brain- the happiness hormone- and reduces the stress.

8- Increased Cognitive Abilities:

Rich in flavonoids called procyanidin, milk chocolate prevents oxidation in the brain. This helps in improved memory, problem solving skills, and increased focus span. It also contains vitamin B1, thiamine, called brain-boosting vitamin, gives energy and improves cognitive abilities of brain.

9- Keeps Body Smart:

This seems surprising! A study conducted by University of California in2012 found that those who ate chocolate frequently had lower body mass index (BMI) than those who did not. However, the results were derived from the frequency of milk chocolate intake and not the amount. So, you have to be cautious when you decide keeping chocolate in diet.

10- Beautifies Skin and Hair:

Milk chocolate reduces skin damage and makes it radiant. Chocolate and cocoa based beauty products are used in skin and hair treatment. Many creams, waxes, balms, and facial masks are made up of raw cocoa powder. Research has shown that it hydrates the skin, removes blemishes, and boosts the activity of natural collagen. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 2009 showed that consuming 20g of milk chocolate a week can minimize wrinkles caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays.

A combination of yogurt, cocoa powder, oil and honey makes perfect hair mask for dry and coarse hair. When consumed, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the risk of scalp infection as well as increased blood flow toward scalp keep hair healthy.