Makeup Trends to Leave Behind in 2023

Written by admin | Published on January 02, 2023

Makeup Trends

Regarding the beauty industry, products, tools, and application methods are constantly changing – so are the makeup trends.

As the New Year approaches, you might find yourself looking for a few simple ways to upgrade your outdated makeup routine to make it more appropriate for the top trends of 2023. 

Whether you work for Confident Comfort Heating & Cooling and need some ideas for office-friendly makeup or want to step up your makeup game to look a bit more glam every day, here are a few makeup trends you should leave behind.

Defined Brows 

dark eyebrows

In recent years, heavily defined, drawn-on eyebrows have been one of the biggest makeup trends worldwide. 

This past year, trends shifted toward thick, slightly ungroomed, messier-looking brows. This looks more natural and is more accessible for everyone to pull off – even makeup beginners. 

In 2023, you can expect messier brows to become even more popular and should consider ditching your eyebrow pomade and pencils in favor of light or clear brow gel to tame hairs without leaving them too defined. 

Matte Foundation 

foundation on face

Some people prefer matte makeup looks over dewier finishes. But when it comes to face makeup, luminous foundations are expected to be one of the top trends in 2023. 

With numerous full coverage, dewy foundations on the market today, it is easier than ever to cover up imperfections and give your skin a flawless finish while keeping your base looking glowy. 

Dewy foundation gives your skin a gorgeous, lit-from-within look that appears more natural than a matte foundation could, making this one of the best makeup trends in the New Year. 

Dark Eyeliner 

thick eyeliner

If thick, black eyeliner is a crucial part of your everyday makeup routine, it might be time to change things! 

Instead of lining your waterline with a dark black, beauty experts are recommending switching to a stark white or nude-colored eyeliner. This will brighten up your eyes and give you a natural, wide-awake lid. 

Instead of classic dark liner on your upper lash line, opt for a more natural-looking brown. You can also go for a fun-colored graphic liner and put a modern twist on your eye look in the new year. 

Using Heavy Concealer

woman applying concealer

Many people assume that for flawless face makeup, thick concealer is essential. Heavy-duty concealer, on the other hand, is an obsolete trend that should be phased out by 2023.

Heavy concealer, according to Sephora, is often used to mask blemishes, dark spots, and skin discoloration. The most commonly affected regions are those around the lips and under the eyes.

If you don’t have any of these problems, thick concealer shouldn’t be at the top of your makeup shopping list.

When it comes to wearing concealer on your face, there are several ways to go wrong:

  • You might be using too much
  • The incorrect formula
  • Applying it in all the wrong areas
  • Not correctly setting it afterward

Things can go wrong if you don’t prep your bare skin first, ensure the concealer matches your skin tone, use an overly fluffy brush applicator, or miss the color corrector.

Over Gleaming Skin

woman applying highlighter

While we all want glowing skin, the all-over shine seen on recent runways should be reconsidered.

Though many individuals love dewy, glowy skin, using a single smooth texture across the face is a surefire method to cause breakouts.

Applying too much of one product to your skin on top of other products might do more damage than good. It can clog your pores, resulting in blackheads, acne, and irritated skin.

Furthermore, in high-oil areas, makeup moves around to undesired areas rapidly if it isn’t held in with setting powder.

Thus the notion isn’t practical!