How to Stay Focused While Working from Home?

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Woman working from home

You just started a new remote job and are excited about the adventure of working from home! 

Your new desk just got delivered to your house by Black Tie Moving. However, you worry that it might be hard to focus. Fret not! 

Below we’ve collected some fantastic tips to maintain your focus while working from home.

Limit Distractions 

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Working from home has a lot of advantages, but with that also comes some negatives. 

There are usually more distractions when you work from home than in the office. Therefore, you must limit your distractions if you work remotely. 

Keep your phone silent, turn the TV off, and let everyone in the house know your work timings.

Take a Break 

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Regular breaks help to keep you focused, productive, and energized. 

If you spend all day staring at your computer, consider scheduling a few breaks throughout the day. This could be a short walk, making a cup of coffee, or sitting outside for a few minutes.

Productive Space 

Man in Black Coat Sitting at the Table

Where do you work? You might sit on your couch, have an office, or set up your space in the kitchen. 

Wherever you work, ensure an optimal environment for focus and concentration. 

If you find sitting in your living room makes it hard to work, as it’s all too tempting to take a nap – consider a new space to work from. 

Coffee shops and home offices make optimal choices for those working from home.

Create a Schedule

Person Holding Pen and Using a Tablet

It’s easy to lose track of time when you work from home. This is why it’s paramount that you create a schedule for your workday. 

Following a schedule will help you accomplish the tasks that you need to get done for the day.  

It’s up to you to follow an efficient schedule, as you don’t have a supervisor watching you. Start each day by reviewing your schedule and setting timers if that helps you to stay on track.  

Positive Mindset

Happy woman sitting at table with laptop

Mindset is everything about staying focused when you work from home. 

While you get the luxury of working in comfortable clothes and a relaxed environment, ensure you still have the mindset that you’re working professionally when you’re on the clock.

You don’t want to fall into the trap of getting too comfortable – this could lead to procrastination and missing deadlines on your part.

The Rundown

Working from home has both pros and cons. One of the hardest challenges is staying focused.


  • Increased flexibility in terms of schedule and work environment
  • Reduced commute time and costs
  • Increased productivity and focus due to fewer distractions
  • Ability to take care of personal responsibilities during the workday
  • Potential for cost savings on things like office attire and meals


  • Lack of face-to-face interaction with coworkers and team members
  • Difficulty in separating work and personal life
  • Increased risk of burnout and isolation
  • Potential for decreased work-life balance
  • Lack of access to company resources and equipment
  • Difficulty in maintaining a regular schedule or maintaining focus on work.

So practice the tips mentioned above and incorporate some of your own. You must find what works for you!