Top 5 Shoe Trends for Summer 2022

Written by Farah Ashfaq | Last modified on:

Girl wearing shoes

With summer approaching, it’s time to update your closet. This summer’s fashion trends tend to focus on accessories, tattoos, especially shoes, with hot new styles emerging every week. Investing in a good pair of shoes should be a top priority for any fashion lover, especially if you’ve got a summer full of adventure ahead of you; just be sure to buy shoes that fit properly, otherwise, you could end up spending your summer at Northwest Surgery Center treating a painful condition like bunions. No matter what your plans are for the summer, arrive in style with a trending pair of shoes such as:

Platform Sneakers

This 1990’s trend is back in style as platform sneakers replace ordinary gym shoes when worn with bike shorts or other trending athletic wear. For more dressed-up occasions, platforms serve as a more comfortable alternative to high heels. Whether you dress them up or down, these should be a staple in your closet this summer.


Clogs have made a comeback in a major way in recent months and are now available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials, including wooden and rubber.

In October 2021, global fashion search platform Lyst reported that searches for clogs have increased by 124% compared to the previous year, while searches for wooden clogs, in particular, were said to be up by 65% month-on-month. These shoes can be styled with just about any outfit and will make a bold statement without taking too much attention from the rest of your look.

Leather Sandals

Ditch your plastic flip-flops in favor of this summer’s trendiest sandals, which are made of leather and can add an instantly edgy look to any outfit. These can be dressed up or down and come as flats, platform heels, and every height in between. Plus, many companies like Doc Marten make vegan versions of these shoes, for anyone weary of wearing real leather.

Sandals for Outdoor or Water Use

Throughout the last few years, shoes like Chacos and Teva sandals have become popularized due to their ability to endure outdoor conditions like water, making them the perfect shoes for anyone planning on doing some adventuring this summer. Stay comfortable on your next hike or swim with these strappy sandals that come in a variety of colors and styles.

Platform Slides

Keeping with this year’s theme of chunky platforms that replace uncomfortable high heels, platform slides are the perfect way to dress up the comfortable sandals that you slip on before leaving the house. Companies like Crocs even make these popular shoes out of rubber, making them waterproof and able to withstand any outdoor activities you get up to at the beach or pool this summer.