Top Vibrant Places in the World’s

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Top Vibrant Places

Top Vibrant Places

Every part of the World has top vibrant places that real traveler unaware of it. If you want to start your journey, then visits these vibrant places that not only will blow your mind but also increase your experience and vision.

Devils Bath:

The World has many inspirational, treasure trove and top vibrant places. It has colorful, fascinating and interesting landscapes which develop curiosity in human nature. New Zealand has the most exciting and active geothermal area such as Waitupo which contain many hot springs of their colorful appearance, Devils bath, Lady, Champagne Pool, Artist’s Palette, Primrose Terrace and boiling mud pools.

Devils Bath

The Devil bath is a Water pond, made neon green by sulphur, has an ultimate attention-grabbing place from others. The pool is formed from a massive eruption from underground. Visitors can see this pond from above the ground. The deposits of sulphur with acidic feature mostly float on the top of the surface. These Natural wonders add unique attraction for the tourist.

Queen Elizabeth Room:

In the heart of London Bucking palace is the one of the most recognizable building and surrounded by 2 royal parks. Bucking palace is 200 years old and the room has filled with different characters of Kings and Queen past. 19 state room has built for public, in which they monarch, reward and entertain their subject but some suits are not allowed for public visit. The queen lives on 2nd floor of an east wing of a palace which contains many suites.

Queen Elizabeth Room

Secret doors are used for these suits few people know about the location of doors. But in 1982 Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace. He entered into Queen‘s bedroom which was a double bed and she was sleeping in there. He demonstrated the room as 16 feet long and 12 feet wide, with a small bed and a very dull-looking chest of drawers along the wall.” Michael spent around 10 minutes talking to the queen.

Franz Gsellmann, Weltmaschine (World Machine):

The perception and vision of Franz Gsellmann separate from others. His project the Weltmaschine (World Machine) shows good cogitative and analytic approach. Gsellsmann was born in Austria and a son of a poor farmer. He was not an engineer but keen to recognize the logics of electrical and mechanical devices. He was attracted from the Atomium, a large-scale model of an atom that was used in 1958 World Exposition in Brussels.  He immediately traveled and bought a small scale model of the Atomium, tucked away in a barn, and initiated assembling his Weltmaschine.

World Machine

In his eccentric model, he added chains, bells, gears, clocks, fans, conveyor belts, an iron rooster, a spaceship, a tiny windmill and Christmas lights for illuminations that randomly blew whistles. The size of this giant machine was approximately ten feet high, twenty feet long, and six feet wide. 25 electric motors were used to make devices rotation. Due to its eye-catching colors collection of interlocking spokes, wheels, and gizmos, visitor come from far to see his invention. He completed his project in 20 years and kept secret from their family members.  After his unexpected death, nobody knew about the purpose of a machine but his crazy machine shows that:

World Machine-2

Top Vibrant Places

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.

 Lake Abraham’s Deadly Bubbles Canada:

Reflection of magical and spectacular effects of frozen air bubbles can be viewed in Lake Abraham among the top vibrant places. A man made the lake and created while the construction of Bighorn Dam in 1972. The position of the lake is on North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta of Canada. Visitors and photographers inspire from its incredible beauty in winter. Under the surface of the lake, the highly flammable bubbles of methane gas fluctuating and waiting to expel when someone to light a spark on its icy floor.

Lake Abraham’s

Methane gas formed due to feeding bacteria of decomposing of organic substances (plants, dead animals, leaves). Usually, these bubbles are not seen by an open eye. But in winter when the temperature at a rocky mountain is -30 degrees they change into white sacks of gas that any walker can get a clear view of them. It is very cold and dangerous place. On the other hand, it opens the prettiness of nature because nature always wears the colors of spirit.

Desert Glass Libya and Egypt:

Every glass has its own characteristics, but Libyan glass is perplexing for the people. It was discovered in the borders of Egypt and Libyan in the “Great Sand Sea”, named “The Sahara Desert. Only 7% of this area is covered by crested dunes of 100m high. Between these surfaces, this glance, natural stone was first found by an English scientist “Patrick A Clayton” in 1932.

Desert Glass Libya

Large Lump of yellow silica glass was used in 1000 years before by Egyptian to make jewel “Pharaob Tutanhkamen” the famous breastplate where this stone was carved into it.  Current theory says it was originated by a million years ago when meteor or comet hit the desert sand and reacted at the temperature 2000 degree Celsius. Physical appearance and sizes of glass, transparent-to-translucent, and green in color, weighing up to 16 pounds.


Cappadocia means ‘the land of beautiful horses’. It is the ancient name of a large region in the center of Anatolia. Cappadocia is part of the modern Turkish republic and a major tourism place in the top vibrant places. Lunar-like mushroom shaped fairies were formed by erosion of volcanic deposits that later hardened into a soft rock. These soft tuff rocks were easily used by residents of Cappadocia to carve underground shelters.


The ancient people had homes above ground. Each home was connected to the underground city by a tunnel. If attackers came, the people hurried through the tunnels to hide underground. Although when we speak of Cappadocia, we refer specifically to the valleys of Gore me and Urgup, with their natural pinnacles and rock churches. Cappadocia is best seen from a hot air balloon. This ride gives the visitor’s a great bird eye view.

Laguna Colorada:

Laguna Colorada Lake is a natural wonder of Bolivia’s salt of the ltiplano. Visitor attracts from its effect of high intensity of colors and population of flamingo, the James’, Chilean and Andean, are limited flamingo species left in the world. It is 14,000 feet above sea level. Water is a deep orange-red tone due to red algae and pigmentation of others microorganism which dwell the view of the lake. Some patches of the lake are powdered of massive borax deposits on the lake’s surface.

Laguna Colorada

The ochre-red color when strikes with a surrounding of dark volcanic rocks and the bright blue sky exquisite the beauty of a scene.

Medieval Town, Visby:

Visby is the most interesting and the top vibrant place for tourist in summer times of its roses, ruins, narrow cobblestone streets, museum, cozy restaurants and markets. Gotland is the hidden gem of Sweden and Visby is its medieval town of the wall. To visit Visby visitors used a ferry to cross the views of the beautiful Baltic Sea reach Gotland.Discover this city within walls is small enough to walk by foot. In the 14thcentury the residents of town used armor dress for good protection and greater mobility. It was the one of wealthiest and the center of the Hanseatic town of Sweden.

Medieval Town

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives:

Ithaa is the world first legendary undersea rest­­­aurant. Some part of its structure were constructed in Singapore and assembled­ 5m below Ocean level ­­­­­­at the Conrad Maldives Randali Island.  While having supper, people delighted with a panoramic view of marine life which truly sets magnetism for visitors.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

An architecture of restaurant is based on glass with acrylic walls and roof. The wide range of delicious foods and European dishes with fantastic view rise inner satisfaction of feeling. Once in a life traveler should experience this place to get closer looks of tons of aquatic life underwater without getting wet.

A real underground kingdom:

If you want to get access to any strange cave, despite its fears and terrible roar of water then a visit to Soon Doong. A hidden cave is found in Phon Nha-Ke Bang national park, Vietnam. Unfortunately, farmers of Vietnam frightened from its suspicious entry.

real underground kingdom

A group of scientist from British governed by Howard Limbert again found this incredible cave to discover it.  It is the world’s largest cave, the exact dimension is 5 kilometers long and 150 meters wide.

The cave has its own mysterious world of flora, fauna, lakes and even clouds.  Several species of animals and insect and many dark passages under ancient trees found in this mini jungle. To go inside the cave a rope uses of 262 meters in length down from the ground. Due to its own climate and pleasing lakes, beaches, ancient fossils sets amazing cave different.

If you find something more to add in Top vibrant places then suggest your views.