10 Teen Bedroom Ideas for Designing

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Teen Bedroom Ideas

As your child grows into a teenager, it is nearly inevitable that a bedroom redesign will be in order. Therefore, we’ve collected the best teen bedroom ideas for your ease!

As they grow out of their toys, former favorite colors, and other aspects of their childhood bedroom, they will likely want to create a space that reflects their personality, taste, and style.

While it is essential to let your teen have some control over the direction in which their bedroom redesign goes, there’s no denying that you will likely be left in charge of most of the project. It can be overwhelming to renovate their space in a way agreeable to both of you.

Designing a functional, stylish bedroom that your teenager will approve of is not as easy as other home projects, such as installing a zero entry shower, but it isn’t impossible!

If you’re in the renovation process, here are a few unique teen bedroom ideas that you are both sure to love.

Teen Bedroom Ideas – Let’s Wake up our Inner Interior Designer

Add a Pop of Color

vibrant lights in the room

Keep things playful by adding a pop of your child’s favorite color.

Whether you paint one bright wall green or add several elements of purple furniture, adding their favorite color to the space is a great way to allow their room to reflect their personality and style while also keeping the room youthful.

Include a Private Space for Work

working space in bedroom

Giving your teen space to do schoolwork or other projects in their room will help them prioritize time management and understand the importance of doing work independently.

Plus, they are less likely to dread doing their homework when they have their own private, designated area in which they can do so; no more arguments about homework at the kitchen table!

Don’t Forget Storage

bedroom storage and wardrobe space

If your teen is messy, adding plenty of convenient storage options is the key to ensuring that their room does not become too cluttered.

It will make cleaning up and keeping organized more manageable for them, so you can ensure their room stays clean without having to help out.

Opt for a storage bed, hanging shelves, or additional closet storage to help keep messes at bay and to keep your teen’s abundance of extra belongings hidden when necessary.

Upgrade the Furniture

minimalist bedroom furniture

Are you seeking innovative, low-cost methods to refurbish your teen’s furniture?

Reupholstering chairs, painting picture frames and dressers, and adding fabric to lampshades are all fantastic ways to give old furniture new life.

Go for a Suspended Bed

hanging bed style

Hanging a bed from the ceiling may provide a distinctive aspect to a bedroom!

This bedroom design is an eye-catching approach to adding additional space and beauty to a teen’s room.

Ensure to Keep Their Privacy

curtains around the bed

Teenagers cherish their privacy above anything else.

Add further seclusion for them by throwing drapes over a four-poster bed.

It allows for late weekend morning sleep-ins and lends a touch of sophistication.

Add a Spark of Neon Lights

red neon light on the wall

This teen bedroom idea exudes sophistication with textured wallpaper, trendy furnishings, and comfy bedding. All it takes is a splash of neon lights to make it feel like a teenager.

It’s like a grown-up bedroom with a youthful touch and a charming tagline, too – encouraging without being overly emotional.

Add Soft Textiles Layering for a Cozy Feel

layers on bed

A pleasant ambiance is created by layering different textures and materials in a teen’s room.

This works exceptionally well in neutral spaces with a limited color palette since it provides interest and depth while staying neutral.

The room will indeed seem welcoming! And the layers will be excellent for changing preferences.

Use Metallics for a Glamorous Touch

Metal bed and decor

Cover the walls with metallic wallpaper for a more classic look. You will get a brilliant appearance that will last longer!

Include the teen’s favorite color as well. For example, the turquoise-painted door and woodwork add an extra splash of that bright, energetic color and tie the whole thing together.

We love how the turquoise pops against the silver. It’s a look that would also be appropriate in an adult’s bedroom.

Add a Swinging Chair

Hanging chair design

A teenager’s bedroom is the ideal area to experiment with furnishings!

If your adolescent enjoys reading or having friends around, try adding a hanging chair or a hammock for a fun place to recline.