Top 10 Professional Guidelines To Help You Make The Most Of Your Wedding Catering

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Wedding Catering

I hate to break it to you, but a lot of people you will invite to your wedding will be there for food and food solely. All right, all right, a small number of them “might” be there to share your happiness too, but trust me, it majorly is about food. Free food is something nobody can refuse to.

Imagine tens of hundreds of people coming to your grand wedding and not liking the only thing they love about weddings – “the food”. Of all the times people are disappointed with food, your wedding food shouldn’t be anywhere near that list. Selecting the right wedding caterer can be a very daunting job and hence it should be done with special care. Today, I will share with you 10 awesome tips that will help you make the most of your wedding catering:

1- Make a guest list:

This is surely the first thing everyone does while planning a wedding function, so it is pretty obvious too. You can only make the most of your wedding catering if you know how many eating mouths you’re expecting.

Making Guest List

Once you have the number of guests coming, you know how much food you would need for the function.

2- Budget is everything:

Budget Is Everything

Now that you know how many people are coming to your wedding, you can calculate the cost on food. You can then decide the dishes and of course the drinks according to your budget.

3- Seasonal is evergreen:

One thing that doesn’t get old about food is seasonal food. Selecting seasonal food for your wedding is not only practicable, everyone loves it too. It’s feasible because all the ingredients would be easily available, hence would be rather inexpensive.

Seasonal Food

Going for food items that require unseasonal ingredients can cost you a lot of extra bucks.

4- Have you thought about a food theme? Do!

Having a theme for weddings and all kinds of parties is the modern trend. You can even decide a theme for your wedding catering. It will give your wedding a whole new outlook. Go Mexican if you want your wedding day to be all colorful and spicy or you can have an elegant English luncheon for your guests if you are looking for something sophisticated and classy.

Another option is to fuse two different cuisines together, but this can be very challenging. Make sure your wedding caterer is good at food fusions. You don’t want your wedding catering to be a random mixture of some of this cuisine and some of that cuisine. That would just be a disaster.

5- Try out different options:

You cannot just finalize on the menu without even trying different options. Ask your wedding caterer to explain different cuisines, food combinations, desserts and drinks, so that you and your better half to be could go for the best option. You cannot compromise on food. Make sure your wedding catering is one that all your guests remember in good words.

6- Quality vs. Quantity:

If you are thinking of presenting your guests with lots of dishes, think again. Go for a few dishes and make sure they are of good taste and quality. The more the dishes, the more you would have to worry about their quality.

7- Don’t forget the setting:

Unless you’re thinking of giving food in disposable plates – which would be nothing short of a catastrophe – don’t forget to hire the best cutlery providers. Explain your theme to the dealers and ask them to show you their catalogue. Select the best plates, cutlery, glasses and whatnot, according to the theme of your wedding catering.

8- Remember special dietary needs:

You cannot let your guests with special dietary needs starve on your wedding day. Your friends and relatives, who are vegan or eat healthy food, need your special attention. If you want your wedding catering to be remembered forever, ask your guests those special diets that make them happy.

9- Your suppliers need food too:

It is not only your guests that need to eat on your wedding day. Your photographer, moviemaker, DJ, waiters etc, all need to eat. Make sure you attend to these people. They are working hard to make your wedding day more special. It will be courteous to make sure they are properly fed.

10- A surprise snack will win hearts:

Your wedding catering will be a huge success if you add a little surprise snack in the end. When everyone knows that the wedding function is coming to a close and they should get going, present them with a surprise snack! Not only your guests will love it, it will also give a perfect exciting ending to the perfect day.